Self employed graduates speak about the joys of entrepreneurship

After waiting years for white collar jobs and prancing the streets as unemployed graduates, they decided to become entrepreneurs.

And with hard work and dedication, their enterprises are doing fairly well. Here are some graduates who took a different route…

‘I tried getting a white collar job, but it didn’t work out’ – ANDREW ADIGWE

Graduated from University of Ibadan, studied Theatre Arts.

I started my company after my youth service in 2011, about four years now. After my graduation, I tried getting a white collar job, but it didn’t work out. So, I decided to start up my own business. Being in business as a young graduate has been fun, but challenging. It’s different from what you’re used to. You’ll need to learn new skills in addition to what you know. Being an entrepreneur affords you the opportunity to do what you love, you get to build your profile and not be controlled by a boss. Also, you get to improve yourself and become better. You have to relax and work at your pace. There are so many opportunities available to you.

‘Getting job at the private sector was also difficult’ – BALOGUN FOLAKEMI

I graduated 10 years ago. I studied Mass Communication at UNILAG. I tried getting a job, to no avail. Even getting one in the private sector was also difficult. So, I decided to learn how to do beads. I actually work from home and my business is flourishing. I make beads for my church members, family and friends. The business is really doing fine. I am not worried about paid employment again.

‘I decided to learn how to make beads while waiting for paid employment’ – BISI OLAAGBO

I finished from school seven years ago. I studied Business Administration at Federal Polytechnic, Offa. I decided to learn how to make beads while waiting for paid employment. God has been helping my business that it got to a point, I forgot about employment. I now own a shop at Tejuosho Market, Yaba, Lagos. My church has a skill acquisition centre, I teach students how to make beads and still run my own company. A lot of pastors, pastors’ wives and church workers patronise me, so, the business is doing well.

‘I finished eight years ago but no job’ – EMILY ADEGBOYEGA

I attended Polytechnic, Ire where I studied Marketing. I finished eight years ago. When I didn’t get a job, I started helping one of our church members to run her shop. Later, she sold the shop to me and I started managing it. As a single lady, I take care of my needs from proceeds I make from the shop. The business is doing well. I have been able to help my younger ones with my business.

‘No job after graduation, I just decided to start a day care centre’ – KEMI YEWANDE

I graduated nine years ago. I went to Kaduna State Polytechnic. I studied banking and finance. I didn’t look for employment immediately; I went to the seminary first. I just decided to start a day care centre. It was quite tough at first but I pulled through. The day care is doing well. Although, I have not gotten to where I desire to be, we are moving on.

‘I don’t want paid employment again’ – BUNMI OLADAIRO

I graduated eight years ago. I studied Banking and Finance at Ire Polytechnic. I worked in a private firm for a year before I stopped. I was spending all my salary on transportation, so, I stopped. I decided to go into business when I didn’t get another job. I sell diapers, foreign and Nigeria made items. I have a shop at Ipaja and, it is not doing badly at all. For me, it is better than the first job I got. I couldn’t do anything meaningful because the salary was too small. I am comfortable now. I don’t want paid employment again.

‘I became self employer after no employment’ – MICHAEL FAGBEMI

I graduated from University of Ibadan in 2003, where I studied Agricultural Science. I made a 2.2. I once worked as a teacher in a private school for about three and half years. Later, I decided to set up a barbing salon in 2009, around July.

Since then, I have become an employer myself. A lot of people had also trained from my establishment. I learnt barbing when I was in the university. Now, I have finished my own house in Ijoko area of Ogun State. I am married and blessed with three kids.

‘I had long waited for white collar job but I couldn’t get any’ – BIMBO OJO (Ohunini Oluwa Enterprises)

I established my business in 2013 but was developed into full operation in 2014 when I invested about N2 million in it. I have not regretted venturing into business. I had long waited for white collar job but I couldn’t get any.

That’s why I decided to go into selling printing materials. And it’s doing very well. I even prefer it to being employed by any company. I control my time and resources to suit the business. I graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Ire, Osun State, where I bagged HND in Business Administration in 2006. I finished my National Youth Service in 2007.


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