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Senator Abba Boro commissions classrooms Block at Ojantele

The Senator representing Benue South Senatorial District, Comrade Abba Patrick Moro, on Friday, commissioned and officially handed over a block of three classrooms he built at LEA Primary School, Ojantele in Apa LGA. The block of classrooms is one out of so many that the Senator has constructed across the Senatorial District since his assumption of office in 2019.

The PDP Chairman Apa Local Government Chapter, Hon Joseph Otokpa in his welcome address, thanked the Senator for his numerous empowerment programmes and projects across Benue South Senatorial District.

Chief Samuel Edoh, Och’ Ojantele, and Hon (Mrs) Amina Okanagba, in their separate remarks, expressed profound gratitude to the Distinguished Senator for his love and quality representation they are enjoying in Benue South.

Senator Moro, in his brief remarks, averred that he’s not in office for any personal gain but to make lives better for his people. He said the younger generation needed the support and encouragement of the older generation to enable them become useful to themselves and the society.

In his words, “If you study under very unpleasant conditions, it will definitely not make for effective learning and teaching. I’m always moved by that pathetic situation. A very humbling situation that I think the government should be very much aware of and correct.

“The only thing that these children want from us is education, to be able to develop themselves, to be able to be like us and be better than us. That’s not too much to ask of a country.

“If these pupils study under unfavorable conditions, it means we who are occupying public offices on their behalf and leading them have failed, and we must correct that otherwise posterity and history will not forgive us.

“I’m here, not necessarily because I want to cut the tape of this building facilitated by me but to use this occasion to make a statement; that all of us, the elders and leaders, owe this generation the duty to cater for them, nurture them and grow them, otherwise we have no business going to public offices. What we are presiding over is a common patrimony for all of us, both the strong and the weak, the big and the small.

“It’s only a matter of privilege that some of us are where we are today, it’s not because we are better than others. He who’s not ready to carter for the less-privileged and the weak amongst us should have no business aspiring to public office.

“I congratulate the staff and pupils here. I will continue to do my bits for the good people of Benue South. Whatever I can do, to put a smile on someone’s face, I will not hesitate to do that.”



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