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Seun Egbeegbe could get 3 years imprisonment

Movie marketer and socialite Seun Egbeegbe could face trial for theft of 9 iPhone handsets, imprisoned for a minimum of three years if found guilty, unless the matter which landed him at Area F Police Command in Ikeja  (Lagos) on Tuesday, November 22, is amicably resolved.

The estranged lover of Nollywood star actress Toyin Aimakhu was accosted after being accused of running away with the phones valued at over N2 million. He was battered and bloodied at Computer Village  ( Ikeja, Lagos) and later handed over to the police.

He claimed he was trying to get the money from the car before he was wrongly accused.

But the shop attendant claimed that he bolted, without paying, before he was apprehended.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos Police Command, SP Dolapo Badmos confirmed the incident and assured they were on top of it.

Here’s what Lagos Criminal Law 2011 says in chapter 28 about stealing:

Stealing and like offences

Section 278 – Definition

(1.) Any person who dishonestly: Stealing.

(a) takes the property of another person; or

(b) converts the property of another person for his own use or to the use of any other person, is guilty of the offence of stealing.


(2) A person is deemed to dishonestly take or convert the property of another if he does so with:

(a) intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property;

(b) intent to permanently deprive any person who has a special interest in the property; (c) intent to use the property as a pledge or a security;

(d) intent to part with the property on a condition as to its return which he may be unable to perform;

(e) intent to deal with the property in a manner that it cannot be returned in the condition it was in at the time of the taking or conversion; or

(f) intent to in the case of money, an intent to use it at his will although he may intend to repay the owner afterward.


(3) The term “special interest” includes any charge or lien on the property, any right arising from or dependent on holding possession of it, whether by the person entitled to such right or by another person on his behalf.

(4) The taking or conversion may be dishonest, although it is effected without secrecy or attempt at concealment.

(5) In the case of conversion, it is immaterial whether: (a) the thing converted is taken for the purpose of conversion, or whether it is at the time of the conversion in the possession of the person who converts it; or (b) the person who converts the property is the holder of a power of attorney for the disposition of it, or is otherwise authorised to dispose off the property.

(6) When a thing converted has been lost by the owner and found by the person who converts it, the conversion is not deemed to be dishonest, if at the time of the conversion the person taking or converting the thing does not know the owner, and believes on reasonable grounds that the owner cannot be found.

(7) A person shall not be deemed to take a thing unless he moves the thing or causes it to move.

Secttion 284

When any person takes or converts the property of persons having another in circumstances as would amount to stealing, it is an interest in immaterial that he has a special interest in the property or the thing stolen. That he is the owner of the property which is subject to some special interest of another person or that he is a director or shareholder, or officer of a corporation or company or society who owns the property

Section 285

Punishment . (1)(a) Any person who steals any property is guilty of for stealing. a felony, and liable, if no other punishment is provided, to imprisonment for three years.

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