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Seyi Law’s first baby dies: How we met and married -Seyi Law and Stacy Ebere

‘I am excited’ -SEYI LAW, Groom

How does it feel to be married?

I am very happy and excited.

You are Yoruba while your wife is Igbo, what gave you the courage and confidence that you can have a blissful marriage forever?

It is not about tribe, love transcends tribal barriers.  Its about the person you are getting married to, it’s about love.

How will you describe your wife?

She is someone that has outward and inner beauty.  Her inner beauty supersedes her tribe and that is why I decided to ask for her hand in marriage.

Did her parents give their consent initially?

It was a wonderful consent.  They are not against inter-tribal marriage, they are born again Christians and that has really helped us.

What are your expectations?

We hope to live happily by the grace of God.  Marriage is sweet, what you desire is what you get in marriage.  We are praying for the best, we hope for the best and we know we will get the best by the grace of God.

Why were all your groom’s men comedians?

Because they are people that cleaved to me.  They are my friends, we see every day, they are the closest people to me.  Its just unfortunate that we lost one of us recently, I had to cancel my bachelor’s eve because of the incident.  We all love him and we will really miss him.

‘I feel on top of the world’ -STACY, Bride

What is going on in your mind right now?

I feel very happy, I am proud of today. I feel elated, I feel on top of the world.

How will you describe your husband?

(Laughs) He is loving, caring, brilliant and wonderful.

What was the attraction?

He is very confident, wonderful, very funny and friendly.

What are your expectations?

I expect a loving home filled with love and peace.  My wish is a blissful marriage.

How many kids are you expecting?

(Laughs) I want four but he said three.  So, I will dance to his tune.

Where do you intend spending your honeymoon?

Dubai or the United Kingdom.

Seyi is a young talented comedian with a lot of female fans, do you think you are ready to cope with them?

I endured for three years. So, I can endure it forever by the grace of God.  When we go for shows, I see his female fans coming to give him a peck.  Sometimes, I see stains of lipstick and powder all over his clothes, I just laugh and say, ‘Your fans won’t kill me.’  I take him to be who he is, God has designed him to be a star and I am not going to bring him down.  I just ask for the grace of God to keep me going. I don’t think we will have any problem.

The first time you took him home, what was your parents’ reaction considering the fact that he is not from your tribe?

My mum never wanted me to marry a Yoruba but the first day she met Seyi, she fell in love with him.  She confessed that he is a good person.  My dad loved him the first day he met him.  My dad loved his confidence because he walked up to him and told him that he wished to marry me.  That was the first day they met.  Thank God we are here today.

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