‘She never stopped asking me a question’ – NURUDEEN OGUNBADEJO

DSC_0464How do you feel losing your mom now?

It pains me, I must confess. It’s a very painful exit because Alhaja was a very good mother that I can never forget in my life. She had a special song she used to sing for me, “Nurudeen, Nurudeen Alonwonle…” So, I would definitely miss her so much, no doubt about that. But God loves her more than we do.

We even thank God that she made it to 83, I am very grateful to God about that.

What would you miss most about her?

I would miss the way she used to talk to me. She always asked me one question, and the question is private to me. There was no time we met that she won’t ask me the question. The question is a ‘Comma’ in my heart. But I assure her, wherever she’s now, I am going to make correction about what she had been telling me till she passed on.

How would you now describe life without her?

We can’t appeal God’s judgment. If I had the power, I wouldn’t let her go that day. But there’s nothing I can do about that. Definitely, life will continue. We believe God loves her most.

Did you witness her last moment?

I was there with her at the hospital. She held her rosary, praying for everybody even up to her last breath. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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