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Shina Peters’ wife, Sammie recuperates in US


– Husband returns next week

SAMMIE, the ailing wife of Afrojuju star, Sir Shina Peters, who was reportedly down with cancer is now recuperating in an undisclosed hospital in the United States of America, after weeks of intensive medicare.

According to an industry source, the pretty mother of one child, Clinton, is most likely to have battled cancer of the womb, but she is getting better.

“Sammie has really been sick, especially towards the end of last year.  She is likely to be suffering from cancer of the womb, but I learnt she is gradually overcoming the challenge.  Her situation really destabilized Shina Peters, her husband.  That was why the family opted for a US hospital in order to give her the necessary medical treatment.  I learnt Shina later joined her, and he has been with her since.”

On Sunday, January 25, 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly again visited the Iju, Lagos home of the famous entertainer, but we didn’t meet any of the family members.

The man we met only volunteered to speak with us on the condition of anonymity.  He said, “Shina Peters is not around at the moment.  He has travelled abroad.”

Asked further on his wife’s health condition, the man said, “Truly, madam has not been feeling fine but she is getting better now.  She only developed a little health complication and that has been attended to. I don’t know whether it’s caner or not.  All I know is that she took ill and went to the US to take care of herself and take some rest.  Only that you guys like blowing things far beyond proportion.  There is nothing to worry about Sammie’s health.  She is doing fine now.

“I have read most of what was posted online about her present situation. I call it media jargons.  It’s all rubbish.  It’s not unusual for anybody who is that hard working to develop symptoms of any ailment, but so far such is adequately taken care of, there should be nothing to fear again.

“No one was aware madam had any ailment until bloggers started doing their stuffs, just over a minor thing.  They will all be surprised when she returns hale and hearty.

“Actually, she left Nigeria for US sometime in December and her husband joined her first week in January 2015. They are both enjoying their break, having good time at the moment.  Shina Peters will surely return to Nigeria not later than next week.  And before the end of February, Sammie will also be back.  She only needs to rest for sometime before returning to Nigeria.”

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