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Shola Animashaun releases snippet to directorial debut for music video ‘Morenikeji’

Award-winning photographer and newly-turned music video director Shola Animashaun has finally released the snippet to his much talked about directorial debut for a song titled ‘Morenikeji’ by urban-highlife singer Konstant.

In the short clip, popular comedian and Nollywood star Woli Arole can be seen with Konstant and a few others; dressed in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) uniforms, exiting a boat, before proceeding to take selfies together – connoting a dramatic plot in which the video is based on.

Commenting on the release of the snippet, the director Shola Animashaun wrote on his social media pages; “Just as promised; here is the snippet to ‘Morenikeji’ music video by @iam_Konstant – yes, my directorial debut. I’m ecstatic about this and can’t wait for the whole world to see the level of creativity encompassed in this. Big ups to @iam_Konstant for trusting us with this project and @officialarole and the rest of the cast and crew. Get ready for the full magic! Watch this space.”‘

Shola had previously announced to fans back in late June, 2017 that he was adding music video and short film directing to his official portfolio – revealing he has always had a keen interest for videography and decided to fully dabble in the field.

The official date for the release of ‘Morenikeji’ full video has not been unveiled yet, but reports reveal the widely lauded photographer will release it before the fourth quarter of the year.

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