Short takes from Tessy Oliseh’s traditional marriage

Friday, February 28, 2014, was a day joy and happiness filled the households of Oliseh and Amaize. Their children, Tessy Oliseh and Ohimai Godwin Amaize started their journey into matrimony. They held their traditional wedding while the white wedding is to take place on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was at the traditional wedding which held at Ashton Gardens, Ogba, Lagos.

Here are tit bits and pieces from the event.


The bride, Tessy Oliseh is the last born of Mr. and Mrs. Cosmos Oliseh. She is the Creative Director of Tesslo Concept. She bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design from Middlesex University, UK. She worked with some top British fashion houses including, Gharandi Stock and Fashion Forum in Kent, UK, before setting up her own fashion house.

The groom, Ohimai Godwin Amaize, popularly known as Mr. Fix Nigeria holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French (combined honours) from Nigeria’s premiere university, the University of Ibadan. He also has a post-graduate certificate in Managing for Integrity from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Ohimai is the Special Assistant on Youth and Grassroots Sports to the Honourable Minister of Sports. He is also the last born of his parents.

The two met in 2011, when Ohimai was on official assignment while serving as Special Assistant on Advocacy to the Minister of Youth Development, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi


The ceremony held in a well decorated venue, Ashton Gardens, close to Mobil Filling Station, Ogba, Lagos. The concept of the decoration was by the bride herself with the assistance of some of her aides.  The hall was decorated in fuschia pink, blue and gold.


The families of Amaize and Oliseh came enmase to support their own. The groom’s family had sky and blue and royal blue apparel while the bride’s family had fuschia pink and gold.


It came in the colours of the day, Fuschia pink and gold. The two step cake was a sight to behold. The first step was round while the second was in form of a cute gold basket filled with different types of fruit cakes in attractive colours.


Being a family affair, the food and drinks were handled by family members. DJ Roland was in charge of music. Eni and Brothers, all the way from Delta State supplied traditional music with his seven man band.


Talented designer, Tessy Oliseh sure knows how to take wonderful dance steps. To the amazement of guests, Tessy gave a wonderful traditional Igbo dance that earned her wondrous applause.

Couple speaks…

DSC_0119TESSY OLISEH, bride -‘I’m getting married to my best friend’

Congratulations, how do you feel today?

I am so happy and blessed I’m getting married to my best friend. I give God all the glory.

What are your expectations?

I am expecting a wonderful home, a home that I will be the best mother on earth to my children, a home that I would love my husband like I have never loved anyone in my whole life, a home where I would be the best Christian mother.

Now that you would relocate to Abuja, what would happen to all your clients in Lagos?

No one is going to miss Tesslo because I believe in expansion. So, there would be a branch in both Lagos and Abuja but Lagos would always be a base.

How many children do you intend to have?

Children are gifts from God. I am ready to have as many as God wants me to have. Double portion all the way.

OHIMAI AMAIZE, groom – ‘I expect a lot of happiness and challenges’

Congratulations, how do you feel today?

I feel very excited because it is a very big and bold step. It is so interesting anytime I have to think about the little boy of yesterday now getting married.

What are your expectations?

To be a more complete man because I have a woman by my side now, I would be operating on a new level of completeness. I expect a lot of happiness and challenges and I pray that God will give me the wisdom and strength to face those challenges as they come. I also expect to be a better person.

What do you have to say about your wife’s decision, being a well known designer in Lagos now relocating to Abuja?

I believe it is a new opportunity for us because Abuja is a new terrain even for her kind of business. So, relocating to Abuja is going to open new opportunities and doors for us. Also, to expand her brand beyond just Lagos and Abuja but to other parts of the country and the world.

DSC_0075CHIEF AMAIZE OKUKWO (groom’s father): – ‘I wish them long life and prosperity’

How do you feel today, sir?

It is a beautiful day and I thank God there is no problem at all. I am very happy.

What is your wish for the couple?

I wish them long life and prosperity.

What is your advice for the couple?

The only advice I have for them is to live together in harmony not only among themselves but with both families.

When your son introduced Tessy to you, what was your reaction?

It was a beautiful reaction because I knew immediately that God has united them.

DSC_0077SISTER AMAIZE (groom’s mother)  –  ‘I wish them lots of happiness’

How do you feel today, ma?

I feel so happy and fulfilled because I never knew my little boy would grow up so fast. I can’t explain how blessed I am with these children.

What is your wish for the couple?

I wish them lots of happiness, prosperity, God’s favour both day and night.

When your son introduced Tessy to you, what was your reaction?

From the moment I set my eyes on her, she looked like my late daughter and ever since, I have always appreciated her.

How would you describe your son?

He is a very tall and handsome young man.

DSC_0070MR. CHURCHILL OLISEH (bride’s father) – ‘I pray she enjoys her marriage’

How do you feel today?

It is a lot of joy. We thank God. She is the only girl and the last born. We thank God that she is starting her matrimonial journey today.

What’s your prayer for her?

I pray her journey will be rewarding and it will be a fruitful one. I pray she enjoys her marriage.

Your wish for her?

I wish her all the best.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a lawyer and also an investor in football. I own a team in the national league. I am Tessy’s elder brother.

DSC_0068MRS. THERESA OLISEH (bride’s mother) – ‘I wish her to have twins’

How do you feel today, ma?

I feel very happy because God has given me the strength to complete my duty. I also thank God for everything because she is my last child and also getting married today.

What is your prayer for the couple?

My prayer for them is that, God will continue to guide them, the best would always be for them, the fear of God will remain in their home. God made me a successful woman, Tessy would be better than me. I also wish for her to have twins.

What is your advice for the couple?

My daughter should obey her husband and also learn to put God first in all she is doing. Let money not mean anything in their life. A man that finds a wife, finds a good thing. I pray God will encourage him, give him strength, grant him long life and prosperity to make their marriage a success.

When Tessy introduced her husband to you, what was your reaction?

I welcomed him and it dawned on me that one day she would leave me and belong to another person.


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