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Short takes from the Elohor Umukoro and Joseph Idisi nuptials

Blow by blow account of the Saturday, June 8, 2013 event 

JFK Dredging Services boss, Joseph Idisi and his lover of four years became man and wife via a traditional ceremony on Saturday, June 8, 2013.  The nuptials and reception took place in Sapele, Delta State.

Families, friends and well wishers of the couple were on hand to celebrate with them.



According to the lovebirds their love story started about four years ago after they met at a mutual friend’s house.  Their love grew from strength to strength, the only choice they had was to cap it up with a marriage which they did on Saturday, June 8, 2013.

Interestingly, Joseph and Elohor Idisi are from Delta State that makes the traditional rites went smoothly, no language barrier, no culture differences.  Everything concerning the nuptials went on as planned.



Joseph Idisi, owner of many blue chip companies is one of the nine children of late Chief H. I. S Idisi and Chief (Mrs.) Margaret Idisi of Oviorie-Ovu (Agbin clan) in Ethiope East Local Government, Delta State.  His late father, Chief Idisi is said to be very influential in the state, the same as his mother, Chief Margaret Idisi who is the chairperson of Lonestar Group of Companies.

Elizabeth Elohor, however, hails from Amukpe in Sapele Local Government of Delta State.  She is the daughter of late Chief Samson Umukoro and Mrs. Rita Umukoro, who is a trader in that part of town.



Guests who came from far and near took over the three most expensive hotels in town.  Orion Hotels, Woodward; The Hampshire Resort and Spa, Miller Estate and another branch of The Hampshire Resort and Spa all in Sapele, Delta State. The three hotels were fully booked for guests who attended the Elohor and Joe nuptials.

About 80 per cent of the hotel bills were borne by the man of the moment, Joseph Idisi, especially for family members.



A night before the D-day, Friday, June 7, 2013, friends of Joseph partied all night ushering their friend into matrimony at The Hampshire Resort and Spa, Sapele, Delta State.  It was in this hotel that Joe and friends lodged all through. It was an all-night party with champagne flowing like water.



At 10 a.m on Saturday, June 8, 2013, the Idisis and friends gathered at The Hampshire Resort and Spa, Miller Estate, Delta State where they took off to the Umukoros compound somewhere around town.

The bride, Elizabeth Elohor was in the hotel where she was dressed for the ceremony.  Joseph Idisi and his family left the hotel at 11:45 a.m leaving the bride and her team behind.



Nothing was left to chances because of the nature of happenings around town; a lorry load of military men escorted the groom’s family convoy to their in-law’s house.  As at the time of getting there, another team of armed military personnel had circled the area, everywhere was super-charged as the military men brandished their loaded guns around.



The Umukoros has their home planted along old Eku Road, Amukpe, Sapele, Delta State.  It’s a bungalow with many rooms and a central living room.  This is where late Chief Samson Umukoro lived before he died.  The matriarch of the house, Mrs. Rita Umukoro and other family members were on hand to receive their visitors.



Joseph and Elohor Idisi traditional marriage lasted for three hours.  The two families trashed out everything needed for the rites inside the Umukoro’s living room.  The space couldn’t contain everyone who came hence the need for two canopies outside where others sat while proceedings went on inside.  At exactly 2:45 p.m, the bride, Elohor was ushered in to meet her man before the close of proceeding.



As soon as the couple, Joseph and Elohor Idisi were certified man and wife, they emerged from the Umukoro’s living room to the warm embrace of the team outside who had patiently waited for three hours.  Gun shots rent the air, the military men in uniform released several bullets into the air while those in mufti took out their pistols and did the same.



Traffic was disrupted for some minutes for the newly married along Sapele/Warri Road, Delta State.  The military personnel drafted to secure everyone who came for the nuptials took over the road and created way for the couples’ convoy.  The couple rode in a brand new Range Rover Sport, while mother of the groom, Chief (Mrs.) Margaret Idisi rode in her Mercedes Benz.  She also has a Lexus jeep which conveyed other family members from their in-law’s house.



The reception venue for the Elohor and Joe traditional marriage was at a place called Event Galleria, Okorighwre, Sapele, Delta State.  It is a new event place in town fully air-conditioned with luxury facilities. The place can accommodate over 1,000 guests at a time.  Joe and Elohor’s family members, friends and well wishers took over the space available inside the hall.  The remaining crowd who followed the couple’s convoy from the bride’s house stood outside.



The newly-wed didn’t stay longer than necessary in their vehicle before coming into the hall.  No protocol, no ceremony, the two just held each other and marched to their gaily decorated seat in the front of the hall.



Few minutes after they settled down, the new couple were called to the cake stand for their first task.  The cake was made possible by Mrs. Esther Iriogbe of Essy Cakes and knowing what to do, Mr. and Mrs. Idisi performed their first task as a couple and went ahead to feed themselves to the delight of everyone inside the hall.



Godwin Omoneh, a.k.a Gordons, was the host at the reception. He was on top of his game cracking jokes and at the same time directing the affairs of the event.  At around 5 p.m, the talented comedian disappeared into thin air.



The newly-wed, Joe and Elohor Idisi were drenched in new dollar notes.  That was when they hit the dance floor for their official dance as couple.  They were joined there by families, friends and well wishers.



Friends of the groom, Joseph from Port Harcourt, Rivers State storm the venue in style.  Some of them politicians who call the shot in Rivers State politics.  They announced their presence with exotic cars and spraying of new naira notes.



Exotic champagnes in different brands were available for guests who came for the Joe and Elohor nuptials.  Two branded lorries ferried these drinks to the venue, as usual many bottles were emptied at the close of the ceremony.



The men in charge of the cow barbecue arrived the reception venue late, at that time most guests had left the scene.  Those who still lurked around descended on the roasted cow, some took as many pieces away.



Uninvited guests who stormed the wedding venue had a bad day.  They were kept at bay by fierce looking and fully armed military personnel around. Their attempt to hijack the sharing of the souvenirs didn’t yield any fruit and at around 8 p.m, the heavens open up its floodgate.  There was heavy rain which later dispersed everyone at the venue.



The new couple escaped in their Range Rover Sport to The Hampshire Resort and Spa, Sapele, Delta State.  Those who followed them there were barred from entering their suite, the champagnes brought from the reception were dropped at the hotel lobby.



The day after their nuptials, Joseph and Elohor Idisi had their thanksgiving at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Kings Palace, Mega Parish, Dafinone Way, Sapele, Delta State.  The couple were joined at the thanksgiving by families and friends.



After the thanksgiving on Sunday, June 9, 2013, families and friends of the Idisis and the Umukoros bid one another farewell.  Those who lodged in the hotels in town had checked out.

For us it was another journey back to our base in Lagos, our travelling arrangement were concluded and by 12.30 p.m we had arrived the Osubi Airstrip waiting for the Arik flyer jet to take us back home.  As usual, there was a 30 minutes delay in our flight but by 2 p.m, we were already airborne. It was a 45 minutes journey back to Lagos airport.



‘What I cherish about her’

  • Joseph Idisi

SHORTLY after the ceremony, Joe as he is fondly called shared his love story with us.


Joseph Idisi

Joseph Idisi

Definitely your mind must be at rest now?

Oh yes. I am happy now.  My mind is at rest, definitely yes.

So, how did the journey start?

We met at a mutual friend’s house, then we started talking and I guess something led to another and here we are officially married.

How long was that?

We have being together for four years.  We give God all the glory.

How were you able to cope all through the four years period? How did you let the flame keep burning?

I think it’s our religious background, we handed everything to God.  We believe for everything to be successful, it’s up to God.  We have come through a lot of hurdles but with prayers we scaled through, including the success of today.

The marital rites was somehow tedious and long, what does that tells you?

Yes, it took three hours and like they say, nothing good comes easy.  You have to be patient especially when you have love, be tolerant, persevere and above all be able to communicate.  That’s some of the essentials in sustaining a good relationship.

What did you cherish about her?

Her patience in taking a lot of my flaws. I won’t say I am perfect, but she’s being able to mature enough to understand.  She was there for me especially when things were tough, she stood by me through difficult times.

Have both of you agreed on honeymoon destination?

Yes, we are definitely going on a trip.

Who made your attires ?

It was done by an upcoming designer coming in from the US. He is a young, dynamic designer, he is someone Nigerians should look out for.

Tell us about your educational background and where you work presently.

I got my B.Sc in Finance from the United States, back in the States I have so many companies.  I am a member of several professional bodies, I am into haulage, oil, oil servicing, procurement.  We are also into dredging, we have been in the business for about seven years now. I also own Everest Ventures, a civil engineering company.  I am also the personal assistant to the chief executive chairperson of Lonestar Group and Lonestar Drilling in the person of Chief (Mrs.) Margaret Idisi, my mother.  So, you can see where we are coming from.



‘We are made for each other’

  • Elizabeth Elohor

WITH excitedly of entering the married club, beautiful Elohor was full of thanks to those who made her day jolly.


Elizabeth Elohor

Elizabeth Elohor

You must by now heave a sigh of relief?

Yes, definitely. I want to thank all those who came for the ceremony, I wish them all safe journey to their destination.  May Almighty God bless them abundantly.

How did the journey actually started?

We met at a mutual friend’s house and we started talking. One thing led to another wit God we are here today already married.

Did you ever envisage you will end in marriage when you started with him?

Yes, because when we met he told me point blank that he wanted to marry me. That he was not here to play around and I took him by his words.

What did you cherish most about him?

He is nice, caring. He is the man I always dreamt of and no doubt, he will make a good husband.

For the fact that both of you are from Delta State, any advantage from that?

It’s very good because we understand ourselves.  If you witness the traditional marriage, then you will see that it all went on smoothly. It’s because we understand ourselves, the two families agreed on one accord.  I appreciate the fact that I am marrying somebody from my state, Delta.

Can you still recollect the day he proposed?

That was August 15, 2009.

How did it go?

It was nice, it all went well that is why we are here today.

Tell us about your educational background and where you grew up.

I was born and bred in Delta State, I did my secondary education also in Delta State Polytechnic.  Presently, I am in University of Port Harcourt studying Business Administration.


‘My joy knows no bound’

  • Rita Umukoro




Tell us briefly about yourself.

I am Mrs. Rita Umukoro, a trader.

How will you describe your feelings today?

I feel so excited because today is the day every mother wish to witness.  So, I am very happy and thankful, I give God all the glory.

Before today, what’s the level of excitement from you?

As a mother, it’s expected I get excited. We put a lot into the preparation and I thank God we welcomed our in-laws in a proper manner.

How will you describe your daughter?

Elohor is very intelligent, hard working, very determined and a goal getter.

Is this the first time any of your children is getting married?

Officially yes.  She is my last daughter.

What about the others?

They are married but they have not done the right thing by paying the bride price.  She is the one that broke the yoke, so I am very happy. I give God all the glory.

What advice will you like to give others yet to be married out there?

They should be prayerful, it’s God who do it for us. It’s not by our power, continue praying one day God will answer.

What’s your impression about the groom?

He is a young, lanky, handsome man.  Respectful, anytime he comes around, he shows respect.

What will you say is still delaying your other in-laws from paying the bride price, are you demanding too much?

Not at all, the first one was already pregnant before we knew what was going on and by tradition it shouldn’t be so.  That was why we couldn’t do the ceremony, the brother was annoyed because she didn’t tell us about it on time.  By the time we got to know the pregnancy has become obvious.  But now, the husband wants to come and do the right thing.  The other one, the husband is abroad, anytime he comes back they will do the right thing.

– Stories by FOLUSO SAMUEL


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