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Sola Fajobi at 35 dissects his TV reality shows, Supermom, Next Movie Star

Sola Fajobi is the brain behind popular reality show, Next Movie Star and Supermom. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about this year’s celebrity. Supermom and preparation for Next Movie Star, his new line of business and sundry issues…


How will you describe this year’s edition of Supermom?

This year’s Supermom was exciting and astonishing. When we started, it was just regular people, that is, mothers. So, this year, we thought of refreshing the show. It’s in controvertible that celebrities out there have mothers. That was what informed the celebrity edition and it has been exciting all the way.

This is the third edition of Supermom, would you say you are fulfilled?

I always say fulfillment comes by projects or activities. There are activities that give us fulfillment. Supermom has its own fulfillment because it is designed to celebrate mothers.

Hoe challenging has it been?

It was quite challenging to get celebrities to tell their stories. After we get them to talk, we travel far with our production crew to get their mother’s interview. It is not easy coupled with insecurity in the nation.

How do you finance Supermom and Next Movie Star?

We still maintain the same sponsor. They know how rich our shows are. Safeguard is still with us, Onga and Ariel are also still sponsoring us.

Which is more fulfilling for you, Supermom or Next Movie Star?

Each of the shows has its own fulfillment. For instance, Next Movie Star is the biggest platform for discovering youths and one of the most successful reality shows in Africa, while Supermom celebrates mothers who struggled and scarified much to nurture their children to what they are. So, each has its own fulfillment. Supermom is the second most watched realty show on TV.

Which is more challenging?

They have their challenges. You can’t convince mothers to tell their stories the way it is. The Next Movie Star is a periodical realty show and the challenges start when the winner emerges because it is not about winning the money and the car, it’s about how to be successful in the industry. And we thank God Next Movie Star has helped a lot of youths out there and they are all successful.

Who is your favourite among past winners of Next Movie Star and Supermom?

They are all my favourites and they are doing very well.

Do you keep in touch with past winners?


What are the achievements of these shows since you started?

The success of each of the shows is an achievement at different points in time. At different stages of your life, you set goals for yourself. So, once those goals manifest that means you have achieved something. The project I am working on presently promises to be positive and that gives us some level of fulfillment.

We learnt you have delved into hospitality business?

Yes, we have. We have Troy and Lounge. It’s a one-stop shop for entertainment. It has bar, a pub, sports bar, gym, spa, guest room, bambina salon and a restaurant. It is a one-stop entertainment shop, where a complete gentleman can unwind after a hard day’s work.

What inspired that decision?

It is reflection of our lifestyle as young and upwardly mobile people. The inspiration came from our lifestyle and my friend’s advice. I also thought of the things we need but are lacking, things we want. We have been working all day, so where can we meet to unwind and relax, talk about business of the day and the future, then reflect on the past, talk about politics.

How much did it gulp?

I cannot say specifically right now the cost of establishing Troy but it has been a worthwhile investment.

What makes it unique?

First, it is a touch point. It takes care of everything a young man needs to unwind. Like I said it has a bar, restaurant, gym, sports bar, spa, accommodation, everything you want in one place. The people at Troy are young upwardly mobile guys that you can relate with. It is a networking point for a lot of people and it is the first in Ogba, Lagos hat has all these facilities.

Since it started, what is the level of patronage Troy has been enjoying?

It has been receiving considerate patronage from the target market. It’s been consistently getting that kind of clientele it needs. The kind of clientele at Troy is made up of people that are smart, sharp and focused professionals who unwind and network.

At 35, would you say you are fulfilled?

Fulfillment is relative. You have different fulfillments at different stages of your life. For the things I have set out to achieve, have I achieved them? To a large extent I have achieved some of them. You must set goals for yourself,. I have set goals for myself. By the grace of God, I am working towards achieving those goals. At 35, am I fulfilled? Yes, to a large extent.

This year’s Supermom prize was different from the previous two, why?

Previously we gave a house to winning mothers, but this year we are giving cash prizes. We want the celebrity mothers to share their cash prize with charity organizations of their choice. We are also taking them on all-expenses paid trip to Dubai. The celebrity mothers and their children will go and celebrate for a few days.

How is preparations for this year’s Next Movie Star?

Preparations are in top gear. We are going to have a fantastic show this year. We are already on the sponsorship drive. We are currently cleaning up the house, preparing it for the show. Audition will commence in September. Forms are on sale, people are excited and registering. So, we are going to have a fantastic show this year.

How did you celebrate your birthday this year and how old are you?

A couple of friends organized a birthday party for me at Troy and it was fun. I am 35 this year.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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