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Suicide on Third Mainland Bridge: 7 things we know now

The shocking suicide by a doctor who jumped from the Third Mainly Bridge (Lagos) this afternoon (Sunday, March 19, 2017) is unravelling as more facts emerge.
Witnesses and the Police are piecing together the facts surrounding the tragedy.
And for now, here are the details:

1. The tragedy occurred around 4:50 pm as the doctor (now identified as Orji) ordered the driver of the gray Nissan SUV (LND 476 EE) to suddenly park on the bridge around Adekunle end. He alighted from the vehicle and walked to the edge of the bridge, jumped into the lagoon.
2. There was a witness who also quickly alighted from her car, ran after Dr. Orji. But he jumped into the lagoon before she reached him.
3. Motorists gathered and spoke to the driver and the witness. Eventually, the Police and emergency agency were informed.
4. The driver was taken to Adeniji Adele Police Station for further information.
5. A rescue team is struggling to retrieve the body from the lagoon.
6. The Police have located the mother of the victim who is being consoled by church members.
7. There are reports that he attended church earlier in the day.



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