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Sumbo Ajaba finally marries her pastor lover

  • Details of the Saturday, July 22, 2013 nuptial

+ Couple in show of affection

ON Monday, July 22, 2013, Adesunmbo Ajaba (now Mrs. Adeoye), and her lover, Pastor David Olatunde Adeoye proved to all that love conquers all things, that it can mend the broken heart and dry away the saltiest tears.  They tied the nuptial knot in a classy but quiet ceremony inside the Function Suite, Sheraton Hotel and Suite, Ikeja, Lagos.

Pastor David Olatunde Adeoye, General Overseer of Royalty Christian Centre, Mulero, Agege, Lagos, who lost his first wife, Mrs. Folake Adeoye to death in 2011, smiled again as he took another shot at matrimony in a grand style.

His choice, Adesunmbo couldn’t have been happier as she has dreamt and hoped for the day she would walk down the aisle with the man of her dream after the man she had two children for, music star, 2Face Idibia had married another person, Mrs. Annie Idibia.

The lovebirds stepped forward in glamorous wedding attires to be joined in holy matrimony with guests urging them on, on the journey of life.  Pastor Adeoye dazzled in black trousers, a white shirt with black stripes and a black bow tie.  Mrs. Adeoye, however, wore a floor sweeping white wedding gown.  The event started at exactly 12 noon and by 1.30 p.m, the officiating minister, Daystar Christian Centre’s Senior Pastor, Sam Adeyemi rounded off the session. They were declared husband and wife while the congregation cheered them on.  The couple and their train marched out afterward for the photograph session.  The frontage of the Function Suite provided a beautiful scene for the session.  Family, friends and well wishers posed for lovely photographs.  The couple continued the session at a lawn near the hall all alone.

By this time, most of the guests in aso ebi of pink lace had gone into the hall for the reception. It was a buffet setting with sweet looking usherettes attending to guests.

Comedian MC Abbey, who anchored the reception dished out few jokes to lighten up mood.  The couple were ushered to their seats.  They stepped out later to cut their cake, fed each other and hit the dance floor.

Shortly, Pastor Adeoye’s close friend and Head of Media, Royalty Christian Centre, Rev. Korede Adams gave the toast. He went down memory lane on how the couple actually started as lovers.  This session wrapped up the ceremony before everyone stormed the dance floor while DJ Gosporella dished out melodious tunes to everybody’s delight.

The love story of Pastor David Olatunde and Mrs. Adesunmbo Adeoye is one that had weathered many storms.  They overcame obstacles to be together.  The newly married Mrs. Adeoye is a staunch member of Pastor Adeoye’s Royalty Christian Centre, Lagos.  She is a member of the church choir, since her affair with the pastor became obvious and it appears it was altar bound, many opposing voices rose against them especially from the membership of the church.  Their wedding was supposed to hold on Saturday, May 4, 2013, nothing happened that day.  Advice from families may have made them shelve the wedding for another day when the voices against their marriage continued.

According to information, not every member of the church was in the know of the Saturday, July 22, 2013 nuptials.  Only few select members made it to the wedding.  There was even a guest list.  Those not on the list were turned back.  All efforts to speak to the couple met a brickwall.

Mrs. Sunmbo Adeoye’s phone was switched off when we called her on Saturday, July 27, 2013, an indication the couple may have travelled out for their honeymoon.

Pastor David Olatunde Adeoye is an alumni of Orile Agege Community High School, Agege, Lagos and University of Jos.  Mrs. Adesunmbo Adeoye, a mother of two children (Nino and Zion) is a graduate of Accounting and Finance from the Lagos State University, Lagos.  The ex-banker is presently the boss of Esob Ventures, an event management outfit.



The newly married Pastor David Olatunde and Mrs. Adesunmbo Adeoye serenaded each other at their wedding.  When he was called to describe his wife, Pastor Adeoye exhibited his romantic nature.  “With Sunmbo there is no dull moment. She made me complete, when you lose something and you regained it from somewhere else, you should know how it feels.  She’s the love of my life. I will forever be there for you.”

Mrs. Adeoye took over, “He is someone with a large heart and beautiful soul.  I have prayed for so long for a man of my dream, someone who will be there when I need him most, a father, a friend, a brother and a mentor, a man after God’s heart.  My prince and prayer partner, I promise to love and care for you till our hair turn trey and our teeth are no more.”


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 30, 2013




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