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Surprise, drama as Mali Hotboy returns to Glo’s Dance with Peter

Pleasant surprise and a tinge of drama were at play on Saturday night as one of the dancers, Mali Hot Boy, who had earlier been evicted from the reality show made a celebrated return to the academy of  Globacom-sponsored Dance with Peter reality TV show.

The energetic twenty-six year old dancer from Imo State whose sobriquet is derived from his real name,  Malachi Osita, was re-invited by the judges, Peter Okoye, Kaffy and Don Flexx, to join the nine remaining contestants, G-Xtreem, Tee Jay, T-Rubber, Amazing Amy, C-Fly, Julius Fakta, Kelvin, Miracle and Da Octopus as the competition winds down.

Each of the ten remaining contestants will slug it out on the dance floor in the hope of clinching the crown as hottest dancer in West Africa. The audience and other contestants cheered as Hot Boy’s return  was announced.

As many wondered what led to  Hot Boy’s  come back, the arrowhead of the reality show, Peter, admitted that the contestant should not have been voted out in the first place since he was a highly talented dancer who was admired and loved by the audience. According to him, Hot Boy is expected to give the other contestants a big challenge for the coveted crown.

The second dramatic happenstance on the show came as an emotional performance by one of the female contestants attracted the sympathy of show originator and judge, Peter. G-Xtreme delivered such a moving performance that brought tears coursing down her cheeks and those of some members of the audience especially as she informed the judges and audience that her sterling performance was a tribute to her dad who was lying critically ill in the hospital. Her emotional display touched a sympathy cord in Peter who immediately offered to bankroll the cost of treating her father.

‘Whatever it will cost to get your dad well again, I will take care of it,” Peter declared to the admiration of the audience even as tears of gratitude welled up in  G-Xtreem’s face again.

Perhaps another exciting moment was when the three judges decided to save one of the four contestants who had been billed for eviction, after the voting public had earlier saved Tee Jay.  While Miracle was retained in the academy, the trio of MX, Nekky and Messiah were relieved of further stay in the reality show.

The eviction of the three, brought the number of dancers left in the academy to nine. With the return of Mali Hot Boy however, the dancers rank has swollen to 10 housemates who will now perform in pairs in next week’s episode.

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