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T.B Joshua’s lawyer daughter reveals his intimate secrets

It was double celebration for Sarah Joshua, on Wednesday, December 16, 2015, when the 24 year old delectable daughter and eldest among the three children of Prophet T.B Joshua was called to the Bar in Abuja and listed among those who will be called to Bar in New York in January, 2016. In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she opened up on her success story.


Congrats! How do you feel being called to the bar today?

I am grateful to God, my family and friends who have been of help to me. I am humbled and privileged to have succeeded. Thus, I am very happy.

1-Serah (1)How does it feel being the first daughter of Prophet T.B Joshua?

I am privileged and fortunate to be the daughter of such a humble and great man of God called TB Joshua. He is someone I look up to because my father is a man of God and he has been able to guide me every time I need him. I am too happy, so humble to be his daughter. He has been a good guide.

Thus I can’t afford to disappoint him and God because to whom much is given, much is expected. And I love him.

How will you describe him, is he a good father?

He is a true example of humility. I have seen so many attributes in him that is worthy to emulate. He is the best father everybody can pray to have. I am not just saying that because he is my father but because it’s the truth. Also, it’s not what I think about him or what people think about him that count but what God says about him.

Some people do not understand him. They even have wrong impression about him, what’s your take on that?

That’s why I said he is a true man of God and it’s not what people say that count but what God says. Everybody has the right to air his opinion but God’s opinion counts most.

What’s his reaction to your success story?

He was very happy and proud of me. I am always happy whenever he is proud of me. He has given me so much and I feel I have a lot to offer and can’t disappoint him.

What’s the special gift or words of encouragement he gave you?

Life is an experience. I know my dad and he is a living example of how to live humbly and devoted to God.

People see him as a successful minister with international repute. Can the same be said of him as a family man?

Definitely he is and that’s why I said he is the best dad I could ever wish for. I am so grateful to God and proud.

How do your friend’s relate with you, do they expect you to introduce them to your father for prayers?

They pray I introduce them to him.

Has the name T.B Joshua opened doors for you?

When people know that I am his daughter, they are always surprised and that spurs me on to work harder and achieve what I want.


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