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Taiwo Oshadipe’s last hours: “She was shouting ‘my chest, my heart’ and was stooling blood”

…died at 6:30am, Oct. 3 on her way to LASUTH

Twin sister, Kehinde relocated from their Abule Egba (Lagos) home

‘Why did you leave me’ –She wails

Elder Sister Bukola grieves, ‘My parents are inconsolable

GRIEF and agony have overtaken the Oshadipe twins family as Taiwo, the inspirational singer and the second of the famous Oshadipe Twins died at 6. 30 a.m on Friday, October 3, 2014, following complaints of chest and heart pains.

Insiders squealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly the singer screamed around 5 a.m, “My chest, my chest.” Her twin sister, Kehinde woke up and ferried her into the living room.  Their mother joined them and around 6.30 a.m, while rushing her to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, the delectable mother of one child died.


Insiders squealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that ever since she had a baby boy in July 2013, to a man whose identity is still shrouded in secrecy, she had ceaselessly complained of chest and heart pains.

Consequently, she was referred to LASUTH where after several medical tests the problem couldn’t be diagnosed.  The medical team gave her a clean bill of health.  She was forced to seek a thorough check up abroad but the result was same. Nothing was found wrong with her medically.  Consequently, series of tests, home and abroad failed to diagnose the ailment.

Two weeks ago, the pains worsened and she was in LASUTH again, and eventually discharged with no solution to her problem.

However, on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, she showed great sign of recovery and everybody was happy that the storm was over.  But on Thursday, October 2, 2014, around 5 p.m, the ailment relapsed and she was forced to call her consultant at LASUTH who said he was not on duty but she was taken to a private hospital at Ikeja GRA, Lagos.  After check-up, the doctor discharged her on the grounds that there was nothing wrong with her.

But around 5 a.m on Friday, October 3, 2014, she screamed loud in bed, “My chest,” and her sister, Kehinde, quickly attended to her.  A family source claimed that at that time, she excreted blood, and frantic efforts were made to rush her to LASUTH but she died en route the hospital at 6.30 a.m.


Information available to ENCOMIUM Weekly revealed that she was full of hope a day to her death assuring family and associates that she was fit, okay and ready to get back to business.  But, it was false hope as she was hit by the ailment few hours after.  She clung to life but lost the battle.


Her manager, Olumide Akinseye confirmed to ENCOMIUM Weekly, on Friday, October 3, 2014 that her remains had been deposited in the morgue at LASUTH.  Thus, debunking the rumour that she had been buried.


The grieving Oshadipe family members are yet to decide her burial arrangement and location of interment.

Close family sources confirmed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that the inconsolable siblings and aging mother are still struggling to come to terms with her shocking demise.  But soon, meetings will hold to decide when and where the Akungba-Akoko, Ondo born singer would be buried.


ENCOMIUM Weekly’s check on Friday, October 3, 2014, at their residence revealed that her twin sister, Kehinde is yet to recover from the shock.  She kept calling her name, ‘Taiwo, Taiwo’ and chanting, ‘Why did you leave me?’  Her brother, Idowu, had to take her to an unknown location.


Rattled, moody, sober, shaken and shocked to the bones, their mom was inconsolable.  With tears she was just chanting, “This tragedy is sudden and too much.”


ENCOMIUM Weekly reliably gathered that one of her unfulfilled dreams was to be the guest singer at the wedding of their manager, Olumide Akinsanya, in two weeks.

According to Olumide, “While preparing for my wedding, I said I was looking for guest singers.  She insisted I should not worry, that she was fit and strong to perform alongside her sister at my wedding.  Shortly before her demise, she gave me N50,000 and assured me she would be the guest singer during my wedding.”


Contrary to speculations that the Oshadipe Twins got married secretly to a set of twins few weeks back, their manager debunked it.  In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, October 3, 2014, he said there was no iota of truth in that.

“I can tell you authoritatively that she was never married and the tale is total falsehood.”

According to family source, if they were married they would not be staying together at their family house.


It has been a story of too many tragic incidents in the home of the Oshadipes as their parents have lost two siblings among five kids.  Their first son (Dayo) died shortly after graduating and prior to his wedding along Third Mainland Bridge in 2012.  The family is yet to recover from the shock before being hit by Taiwo’s sudden death.


In 2012, after the twins were burgled out of their Lagos apartment, one of the singing sisters Taiwo, was alleged to have been dating one Captain.  It’s a common knowledge that the dark Captain, is the financier and godfather of the twins.  He dotted on them like his own children. He helped them achieve the little success they have been able to record lately. If you may recall, the music enthusiast was instrumental to the success of their last album, Destiny Calling, launch held at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos in 2011.

Those in the know declared he bought the two cute Hyundai cars the girls drive around Lagos. It was rumoured that he also pampered Taiwo, with a new Hyundai Elantra, on her birthday in 2012.  Rumours said that what was shrouded in secrecy was the hot romance between Taiwo and the Captain. Speculators further informed that the lid blew open when Taiwo allegedly took in for him.

Realising the mess he was heading for, the miffed Captain, dashed her hope and cajoled her to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. Immediately, after she succumbed, and the pain of flushing out the embryo was over they claimed that he started withdrawing from her. “All the spoils, stopped for the girls when he made the attempt to retrieve the new car.  Taiwo, became mad at him and threatened to wreck his family by revealing everything that transpired between them to his wife,” the source quipped, corroborating, the saying, ‘hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.’

Although, in 2013, that Taiwo Oshadipe, the second half of talented musicians, Oshadipe Twins, delivered a baby boy, was no longer news. But the paternity of the new bundle of joy was shrouded in secrecy.  The beautiful and highly skilled musician, who was elated with the arrival of the baby, had always dodged any question that had to do with the father of the baby as she was reluctant to let the cat out of the bag.

But, the lid on the secret appeared to have been blown open with a shocking rumour that the father of the baby is the Captain and financier of the group.  They insisted that the baby is a result of Taiwo Oshadipe’s long time secret romance with him.

Taiwo and her sister were reportedly relocated from their apartment in Oko Oba area of Lagos to a posh apartment in an undisclosed area of Lagos by her lover, when her stomach was protruding.  The matter allegedly caused serious disaffection between her lover and his wife.

Meanwhile, prior to this, the first man romantically linked to her was their godfather and founder of the Oshadipe Twins fame, late Sunny Okosun. Aside that, rumour mongers also linked her with some APC governors.


Taiwo comes from a family of seven.  Their parents have five children.  The first is Bukola, the second is Dayo, Taiwo and Kehinde followed suit while the last born is Idowu. That’s three girls and two boys. Dayo passed on in 2012.

The late Taiwo Oshadipe and her twin sister were last ‘pictured’ together with Ogun State governor, Ibikunle Amosun at an event where they performed in Accra, Ghana.

The singing duo of Taiwo and Kehinde Oshadipe who hail from Akungba Akoko in Ondo State, have three albums to their credit.

Their debut album, Jesus came to Africa was released in 1999; the second, I am the child of I am, dropped in 2001 while their third album, Destiny Calling was released in 2012. The twins, who also acted in editions of popular TV series, Super Story produced by Wale Adenuga, have been riding high on the Nigerian music gospel scene, having featured a number of music stars including Yinka Ayefele with whom they recorded Ojo Ibi not long ago. They are graduates of English and Literature from University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.

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