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The Aristocrat: Kayode Olanshile Alfred, celebrity journalist and style genius, redefines bespoke couture

Kayode Alfred, the journalist turned designer has carved a niche for himself among fashion buffs. According to him, being rich shouldn’t be confused with possessing panache but many a deep-pocket mistake extravagance for elegance. “You do not have to be extravagant to be elegant. This is because in matters of grave importance, style, not extravagance, is the vital factor. It is what distinguishes the men from the boys, the pretenders from the pragmatists; it is what differentiates the commoner from the aristocrat.”

Style becomes the essence of every man, according to Kayode Alfred. Thus like an emperor of infinite chic, his fascination with clean cuts and elaborate lines comes alive in his range of bespoke designs and brilliantly cut apparels. Although his specialty encompasses formal and informal male couture, Alfred flaunts enviable understanding of clothing thus his bespoke ensembles feature stylish and daring functional designs cut from premium cotton, silk, wool, damask, lace, and cashmere fashioned with the quality finish.

There is no gainsaying Alfred’s love for classy couture blossomed quite early in his youth; according to him, he developed a fascination with modish couture, particularly its designing and tailoring. “Back then, I used to sketch and experiment with designs even while I was busy writing or covering spectacular events. I knew would definitely carve my niche in the highbrow fashion circuit someday; what I didn’t know was that it would be sooner than I imagined,” said Olanshile-Alfred.

Unlike the proverbial silver spooned kid, the celebrity journalist and fashion aficionado is a self-starter; a self-driven entrepreneur with astounding diligence and sartorial depth. It is no surprise, therefore, that his foray into the fashion world is predicated on the high art and culture of bespoke designs. “I decided to focus on bespoke apparels because of the artistry and sophistication that goes into designing such fashion couture. I personally take the measurements of my clients and pick from a range of choice fabrics to design what the client wants. It takes at least two weeks turnaround time for delivery.”

What makes his designs exceptional, he claims, is that he samples from a diverse yet rare range of fabrics, which he restocks every four weeks. Hence it will be extremely difficult to find someone else donning fabrics and designs produced on the stable of Aristocrat.

You could be forgiven for thinking he keeps the colour palette of his fabrics defiantly posh and upscale as those he makes for his clientele. While his style looks swanky and effortless from a distance, closer, you will find that the artistry, obsessive attention to detail and fervour that goes into it are integral parts of his quest for perfection.

Although he recently made his foray into the high couture sector, Alfred is quite discreet about his mostly affluent clientele. “The consistent patronage I enjoy from them is enough comfort to me. I do not have to start mouthing off or reveal their identities as some of them are quite reserved about such issues,” he says. Hence unlike most fashion designers who derive their kicks and leverage from revealing the identities of their celebrity clientele, the celebrity journalist and Aristocrat boss serves his clientele, according to their preferences.

Alfred definitely projects the image of a sartorial sage, one with daring, passion and intuition to forge his own way in Nigeria’s cluttered fashion circuit. The celebrity journalist is no doubt ready to take premeditated risks to actualise his dreams of a highly popular and exclusive fashion empire. At the helms of Aristocrat Clothing and Aristocrat Woman Kayode is fully prised to tame the pedestrian and largely formulaic fashion culture that Nigeria has become accustomed to. And he is doing so with unprecedented verve, enlightenment and innovativeness. Aristocrat brand recently partnered with Twice as Nice, one of the leading fashion companies in Nigeria to sell Aristocrat casuals and face cap. People who love the brand can now buy Aristocrat ready-to-wear at any branch of Twice as Nice. Aristocrat clothing will officially launch the brand at Ikeja City Mall, Alausa tentatively the second week of November.

Kayode Alfred’s Aristocrat Clothing and Aristocrat Woman is conveniently located inside upscale Omole Phase 1 Estate, Ikeja, Lagos.




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