The Black & White Ball navigates the way to Pleasure Ville

THE 7-star shindig with formal attires in monochrome as dress code is taking better shape as we here at ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events’ company, plot dramatic and exciting twists and turns which will surpass previous seasons.

This fifth season of The Black & White Ball, incorporating the Elegance and Style Awards and parading the spectacular fashion show is laced with several packages very difficult to match.  From the elegant invitation card to the entertainment content, welcome reception to the 8-course meal, awards and much more, it is a real ball that we promise.

That Sunday evening in New Lagos at the gem with royal facilities, good form will romance refinement, and elegance will canoodle with glamour and glitz.

The good, the great, the gorgeous and the glamorous, those who colour our country beautiful and worthwhile, in spite of the challenges and problems, will show the way to Pleasure Ville.

Stars and star makers in music, movies, comedy and television, pillars of politics and enterprise, and wave-making professionals, will assemble to relish the uncommon ball.



For six hours on a cool Sunday evening in the month of May, from 4 till 10 p.m, in New Lagos at a gem with first class facilities, an extravaganza in the true sense of the word will be staged.

We are not new at putting together extraordinary events which have coloured the social calendar crimson and cheerful.  It is our forte to host the cream of the society to roller coaster gig, groove or ball which leave very sweet after taste on palates, and are talked about for months.

Apart from being the icing on the cake, The Black & White Ball stands apart on account of the nature of the event.

With guests dressed to the nines in the most formal attire in black and white, fine dining, fashion, awards and music and comedy are on the programme.

The extravaganza this year even has much more exciting items.

With better planning and more experts on our team, we will raise the bar beyond your imagination!



Splendour and opulence usually walk side by side.  But at the gem of New Lagos, the jewel of Lekki, both are merged and inseparable.

With two marquees on expansive grounds, asking for more in an events centre will be greed carried too far.

In the posher part of town where the roads are wide, with medians and walk ways, and better, bigger and more beautiful homes and structures, development has found favour here.

The car park is huge and well-laid out.  So, is the complex which parades facilities we are salivating over.

The welcome reception is hosted at the smaller marquee, cooled for your delight.  Here, you catch your breath and prepare for an evening to remember for a long time.  Familiar faces of stars and friends and colleagues populate the venue.  You can chat and catch up.

Don’t forget that cocktails, chilled to your specification, are at your beck and call.

There’s our expansive, crisp and lush black carpet lining the gate to the two marquees.

Photographers and reporters, our friends and partners, will be glad to freeze your image for posterity.

And there’s the studio decorated like a billionaire’s pad which has been a winner with our guests since we introduced the ball in 2009.

Then, the big marquee is a marvel we can’t get over.  The opulently decorated hall, with well laid tables parading fine-dining appurtenances is inviting.

From the moment you sit down, it is a bombardment of pleasure…



It is a honour and pleasure to assemble stars and star makers, uncommon politicos and serious professionals, with a mix of wave making entrepreneurs under the same roof.  This unusual cream of high society knows what time it is –and getting them riveted and pampered are our preoccupation.

So, ladies and gentlemen, those we are privileged to have on our guest list, start your preparation in good time.

Get the most gorgeous garbs in monochrome you can afford, choose your partner for the event, in case you are single and unattached, and pray with us.

Don’t forget it is a formal affair –a black tie event.

So, only tuxedos, crisp white shirt, black tie, waist coat or cummerbund, suspenders, gleaming black shoes pass.

For traditional gears, any regal ensemble of the ethnic group you adore is allowed.

Dames and damsels can pick dresses in varying lengths and shapes, paired with high-heeled shoes.

Lovers of traditional togs can get body caressing skirt and blouse, iro and buba or George wrapper and top.

Don’t forget that comfort and elegance should be your watchwords.



It is a special league reserved for the cream of high society.  So, barging in is not allowed.

But for every rule, there are exceptions.  Those who can easily belong to high society, even though they are new in town, know what to do.

Are you cultured and refined?  Possess good form?

Then, you might qualify to be invited for The Black & White Ball, incorporating the Elegance and Style Awards and parading the spectacular fashion show.

You can make your reservation –kindly call or text 08055002034.



We need the support of organizations and people who crave and encourage beautiful endeavours.  We want partners who can propel our dream of a wondrous ball to fruition.

With many benefits, sponsoring an A-list event rubs off on brands.  And you can share in the goodwill of this event in many ways.

Kindly call or text  08055002034 for more details.  You can also send us a mail ( for more details.



Support comes in many ways.  With The Black & White Ball, you can make our day if you pick a branded table of ten guests planted in the hub of the marquee.

With several benefits, including roll-up banners of your company and logo planted on our banners and backdrop, we have an unbeatable package for you.

Please, call or text 08055002034 for more information.  Or send a mail to



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