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The Black & White Ball, Season 5 winners speak (1): ‘Dressing well has its reward’ – Ndidi Obioha

The Black & White Ball, Season 5 scaled into the League of One on Sunday, August 10, 2014.  Some of the winners of the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards segment, couldn’t hide their joy on clutching the golden Elesho totem.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had exclusive chats with them.

ENTHYST’s Ndidi Obioha believes dressing well has its rewards.  Not only that, it allows you to relate with anybody anywhere.  Her consistency on the red carpet and at functions wearing beautiful clothes earned her the award for the Most Elegant Woman (40s category) at the Black & White Ball.  She relates how she feels about it and more in this chat.

Is this what you expected?

No, I was surprised.

Ndidi ObiohaWhat would you say the organizers saw in you to have given you the award?

I guess it is something they have noticed over a period of time.  They must have followed my style at events, red carpets and other functions.  That must be the basis of this award.  And I guess they must have seen how I promote fashion.  I am a woman who is very comfortable in her skin.  I have a way of showing off what style is all about.  All of these I believe must have driven the organizers to decide to give me the award.  You have to look good in whatever you wear.  Age is just a thing of numbers, what matters is how you carry yourself.  Your style shouldn’t be away from you.  People should be able to see you and identify who you are.  For me, I am all that and I guess the organizers saw all that in me in my age bracket.

Most people don’t get conscious of what to wear when they get to certain age, what works for you?

I run a fashion business and times change.  Women are getting conscious of their looks.  In terms of figures, you can see how much exercise women do nowadays just to keep fit.  You have to keep fit so that your clothes can sit on your body.  Nigerian women spend a lot of time dressing up, that’s our style.  Nigerian women have evolved with style and I am so proud to be among them.

How will you describe your style?

My style is comfort first. I don’t follow the trend, I do what I think fits right.  I do what sits well on the endowment God has blessed me with.  It’s very important.  My style must be comfortable.  It helps me with confidence and I am more relaxed at a function.

You run a big business, you are also a mother and a wife who will always be busy.  How do you create time to dress good?

It is God’s grace.  My husband is my personal stylist.  He advices me on how to dress, my kids also.  It’s pretty easy because that is what I do.

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