‘The joy of fatherhood is immeasurable’ – Sound Sultan

+speaks on new video, Kokose

Jagbanjatis crooner, Sound Sultan has every reason to be happy at this moment. His second baby arrived recently and in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he narrated the joys of fatherhood explaining his relationship with Wizkid, why he had to do a collabo with the talented young man and much more…

Congratulations on your new video, Kokose, how do you feel?

Every time one drops a new video or song, it is like a new project. And the reception makes you excited and happy that you have not wasted your money. So, I thank God.

What inspired it?

Wizkid and I have come a long way like seven to eight years. We were so close that when he was still in school, I visited him several times and he also reciprocated as well. Back then, we did a song together that nobody knows about. So after his multiple successes, he walked up to me and said, “Bros, since you did not release the song we did back then, why not release it now,” and I agreed. We both went back into the studio and came out with Kokose.

What does Kokose mean?

Kokose means just you having fun at the expense of your haters, people that don’t want your progress. Anytime your enemies are at work, know that you are doing good because the people at the rock bottom will never have enemies. So, at the end of the day, if you are doing well, you must have people who do not like you.

Do you think this video would be a success?

Before the video dropped, I was at a show with about 40,000 guests and they were all singing my song when I came on stage. So already the song has gone far and wide. So, the video is just a formality and a way to say thank you to my fans because they asked for it and I made sure I gave it to them.

How were you able to get the likes of John Njamah, Princess, Banky W, Yvonne Jegede in one video?

People that are close to me know that all these people have been my part wayback, we did not just meet today. Princess is like a sister and anytime I shoot most of my videos, you will find her there. John Njamah is a brother; we started this thing together alongside his younger brother, Aquila. Yvonne Jegede is also like a younger sister the same way Banky W is like a brother, we have done songs and videos together. I also had DJ Spinal, Baba Dee, Lambo, my brothers and young Ninjas. It was one full house.

How much did the video gulp?

I really don’t like discussing figures but I know the guy did justice to the video.

What was the major challenge during the production of the video?

The point where I had everybody gathered round like a soul train dance. At that point, the residents of that estate had already called the police. They ordered the police to get us out of the building because I had to rent the whole building for the shoot but when they saw it was “Sound Sultan”, they mounted a security post till we finished the shoot and everyone filed out in one accord.  That was the only challenge but it became a blessing, after all. The other challenge was that, we had two video shoots because during the first one, Wizkid was in the hospital. So when he got back, we had another shoot.

What would you count as the pains and the gains?

The gains were the feedback I got from my fans because every satisfied customer is a potential show for me, as they would crave for more. They would want you everywhere and everybody will want to see you.

How are you rocking fatherhood?

It is a win-win situation, spiritually, physically and professionally for me. I don’t have to start thinking or planning all those troubles again. I have my family, wonderful kids and a wonderful wife and all I have to think of is to take care of them which helps me in being more responsible.

What is the most memorable moment you have shared with your family?

We have shared a lot. But I would like to keep that private.

What is the best thing about being a father?

The joy of fatherhood is immeasurable. I pray everybody will have the privilege to share in that joy.

Being a UN Peace ambassador, what are your expectations?

I am also an ambassador of Food Security in Africa. All I have to do is to make sure I am around when needed to give an understanding from my own point of view of the issues that we are trying to tackle by talking about peace and food security. All these things are not farfetched and I always have more than enough to say because we are chosen as ambassadors. They see us as people that have credibility, so anything we say can trend. When I say a word, all my fans and friends would try to know why I said that. That is why we are mouth pieces to spread the message of love, peace and unity.

How would you describe your success story?

I have to thank God for providing me love, watching over me and allowing people to love my voice. I owe all my success to Him, because without Him, there is no me today.

Have you ever thought of quitting the music industry and how were you able to get over this period?

I have never for once thought about it because I am not a quitter. How I wish I could escape from such moments. There is nothing bigger than God, God pass them.

The year is still young, what are your expectations?

I would keep my expectations secret and pray to God until they materialize. What you should be expecting from Naija Ninja is that their artistes are coming out with new albums, attending shows and would go on tours. One of the artistes would be dropping another video and also planning to release her first album. She’s planning work with the likes of Burna Boy, Patoranking and many more. We are all working and we thank God.


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