The world of Tayo Alakiu – How he mesmerizes women

High society man, Tayo Alakiu, is a leader in the game of managing the hearts of women. As a matter of fact, the fun loving dude’s operation is currently the subjects of discussion in social circles as many cannot understand where he gets the trick he uses to enthrall the ladies. From Kehinde Ayoku to Rhoda Eweka, one Blessing who resides in the United States of America, among others the unrepentant ladies’ man has enjoyed what could rightly be tagged headline-making romantic affairs at various times.

So much that many keep envying him. Though legally married to Toyin (also a society top shot and boss of Fresh Looks, on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos), Mr. Alakiu flaunts all the women in his life in the face of his wife.

It is a common knowledge that Toyin was in the know of her estranged hubby’s philandering activities, most especially with Kehinde, daughter of late millionaire owner of Golden Gate Restaurant, Chief Solomon Ayoku, Rhoda Eweka and Blessing.

Insiders confided in ENCOMIUM Weekly that Tayo and Toyin had to fight over his lifestyle at various times. But when it became obvious that Mr. Alakiu would not change, she was left with no option than to give him space.

Findings show that the situation got to its peak sometime last year when the news broke that Kehinde had a baby boy for the socialite. And the centre could no longer hold. This, we gathered, informed Toyin’ decision to pick her things and move out of their MKO Abiola Gardens home (in Ikeja) some months back.

Those who are close to the beautician and owner of Fresh Looks told ENCOMIUM Weekly that the past few years were so traumatic for her as she could no longer cope with the whole thing.

Information at our disposal has it that the ladies are after him because he is romantic and sometimes cries for his women.

Further findings revealed that his simplicity and the fact that that he is ready to pamper any woman that comes his way with all the attention and affection she probably would not find anywhere are some of the qualities that endear him to all the ladies in his life.

The slim and dark socialite who wear a goatie and believed to be in his 40s used to be among the nouveau rich ruling the social scene in the 90s.

And so hot was he then that musicians like Wasiu Ayinde (K1 de Ultimate) sang his praises in on of his albums.


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