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‘There’s no hard feeling about my defeat at the polls,’ says KSB

GOSPEL and inspirational singer and politician, Kenny Saint Brown has taken all in her stride, despite the fact that she lost out to Folajomi Lai Mohammed, the son of the National Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in the just concluded primary election for Ikeja Constituency 1 in Lagos State House of Assembly.  Her die hard spirit is still optimistic that better days are ahead.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about her experience and more.


How does it feel not to have won at the primary?

It is not a bad situation. I was able to convince people that I could do it. I was able to add my voice. It is even a feather to my cap now.  There is no hard feelings about it.  I was able to come out for what I believe. It is just a seat in the House of Assembly. I can still get a seat elsewhere. I have passion for women and youths. I went through all the processes.  I was the best candidate in my constituency.  At least, I am a politician now.

What were the reasons for the loss?

It is the leaders, we did what our leaders wanted. I aligned to their will.  It was Lai Mohammed’s son they wanted.  It does not mean I cannot be put elsewhere to serve, it is not that I lost.

Some people even thought you lost the election because you were not popular enough. Some believe it was because you were not experienced?

No, that is not true.  The other guy has never been a legislator too.  We are all new.  We have a lot of new faces in APC than anywhere else.  I congratulate the winner.  I learnt he came out four years ago and he was told to step down for Ikuforiji. We are gathering experience and we will gather more experience.

How will you describe the whole experience?

It was beautiful. I wouldn’t use ‘was’ because it is still on. I love challenges.  I love risk and I embraced it.  It all brought out my potentials, all I had grace for.  A lot of people didn’t know how far I would go. I am a goal oriented person, I don’t give up easily.  I did everything I should do.  Everybody even gave me a pass mark.  I thought I had energy for the stage alone, but I have energy for other things as well.  The more challenges I faced, the more I realized that women can be successful politically. If you ask me, it is as if nothing happened. It has been fulfilling, it has been accomplishing. It has shown that I have another life outside of entertainment.  It has shown that I am humane and result oriented.

Your next step politically?

I am still on.  All of this is just for preparations ahead of 2015.  The party knows where my strength lies.  They know what I can do.  There can be recommendations very soon.  It is my heart’s desire to serve my people. It is the legislative arm that has one seat, as for the executive, there are over 50 seats.  Who knows what will happen? I don’t give up easily.

I am still part of the team.  We are supposed to support people that have come in.  I can add value to the party.  The job has not really started.  I will add value to the work on ground.

Desmond Elliot, an entertainer also won.  How does it feel that one of your colleagues won?

Thank God for the arrangement.  It doesn’t make anyone of us a loser.  I am happy for him.  The leaders that chose him to be there, it is good that he gathered enough crowd in other to get there. The energy and honour of being an entertainer also helped him. I am happy.

What is the latest about your music career?

My music career is on.  I have not released any music video this year as is my usual custom.  I dedicated this year to politics but by God’s grace, next year, I will release a video. I have to slow down, assess my music and check the terrain.  I want to re-assess myself so that it wouldn’t look as if I am competing with the younger people in the industry.


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