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This is how to check as 6 Nigerians leap into extreme poverty every minute

Every minute, 6 of our compatriots who call Nigeria fatherland leap into extreme poverty, living below $1.25 a day (N450)!
They earn less than N13,500 in a 30-day month.
And this dreadful picture is one of the worst in the world – with Nigeria recording over 87.023 million people (44.2% of our 196.7 million population) living in extreme poverty on Monday, July 2, 2018.
Only about 8.5% (642.9 million) of the world’s inhabitants (7.598 billion) experience extreme poverty.
In President Muhammadu Buhari’s reign, over 11 million Nigerians slid into extreme poverty.
In January 2016, 76.687 million Nigerians were poverty laden. By January 2017, the figure jumped to 82.228 million. And in January 2018, it was 85.673 million. In the last 6 months, two more million have been added.
Here’s where to monitor poverty level:

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