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Tolu Meduna talks passionately about her debut single

FASHION designer, TV host and blogger, Tolu Meduna has found her way to the mainstream of the music industry.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 and she told us about her single and what her fans should be expecting.


How long have you been in the music industry?

Tolu Medunna

Tolu Medunna

I started noticing I could sing when I was eight. I sang with my elder sister at our church Xmas carol and everyone back then started saying oh! You sing like Indians, I wrote my first song when I was nine.  I started singing professionally in 1999.  I started in a band now called Shuga Band, we did most corporate shows, from blue chip companies to Aso Rock, private gigs, etc.

What genre of music do you do?

Soul/Afro pop.

What inspires your music?

Life inspires me, my journey through life.  All inspiration comes from God.

Tell us about your single.

The story behind my single is actually a real life experience.  It happened when I came to Lagos with my mom and my younger brother.  We were relocating from Jebba.  The company my mom worked for, Nigeria Paper Mill folded up, so we had to come to Lagos.

On stepping into Lagos, the shock of running to catch a bus struck me.  We were meant to catch a bus to our main destination and when the bus came, my brother and I were confused at what was going on.  I was wondering why people were running towards the bus.  My mom had to tell us, ‘When the next bus comes, you guys need to struggle to get in like everyone else.’  And I was like why?  And she said, ‘That’s how it’s done here.’  It was a whole new experience and as time went on, I discovered the beautiful city called Lagos and fell in love with the amazing city and couldn’t help but be inspired by the lively city.

How has the experience been as an artiste?

It has been fun but not without it’s challenges.  The challenges helped me a lot.  The fun aspect has given me joy and I thank God for His gift deposited in me. It’s a privilege.

What are the challenges?

The main challenge in music is how to put across your message to the world.  Also how to stay focused and creative no matter how the boat rocks (laughs).

Is this your first single?

Yes, it is my first official single.  Although I featured in Sunny Neji’s Ojukokoro track in his Pin Number album.

How do you manage as an entrepreneur and a musician?

It’s tough but I like to challenge myself.  So, I’m working hard and I have learnt from both jobs and using the experience to work better in both entrepreneurship and being a musician.

Should we be expecting an album?

Yes, an album by next year by God’s grace.

How do you feel releasing your first single?

I am happy releasing this single.  It’s overdue and I’m really happy having over a 100,000 download in ten days of release.  It is joyous and I’m grateful hoping for the best.

Tell us about your childhood.

I am the third of four children.  We are three girls and a boy.  I was born into a middle class family but we lost our dad very early.  Both parents were in the medical line, had their own clinic and a few other businesses.  But we lost our dad very early.  I was about five when I lost my dad.  It made life tough and mom was overwhelmed.

She had to shut down their businesses and took a job at Nigeria Paper Mill Clinic.  It was fun growing on the hills, looking down the River Niger.  We didn’t lack much other than missing dad and few hard times of feeling our dad’s death.  When we had to move to Lagos when the company where my mom was working folded up, it was tough but somehow, I got over it.  I am from a family of singers most especially my dad.  We got the voices from him (laughs).


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