Top female photographers in Nigeria (2): Shotunde Oduola, Modu27 Photography

‘With photography,  I discovered my purpose’ -Shotunde Oduola, Modu27 Photography

How and when did you venture into photography?

I had a full time 9-5 marketing executive job, but realized I had passion for photography and kids (can’t get enough of them). So, I left my job early 2014 and since then there’s been no looking back, thanks to support, love and prayers I get from people around me.

How has the experience been?

It has been challenging, exciting and emotionally rewarding. With photography, I discovered my purpose and with that comes satisfaction.

What type of photography do you do?

I cover a wide range of photography but with bias and emphasis for child photography such as maternity shoots, new born babies, and kids. We therefore occupy a leadership role in the children photography segment.

What’s your unique selling point as a photographer?

My unique selling point must be love for kids, without which you cannot be successful. For most shoots, it’s a day of crying, sleeping, tantrums and unpredictable angles which take a lot of patience. Another unique selling point of ours are our unique themes, props and other fun elements only unique to Modu27 which makes sessions memorable and our results amazing.

Can you remember the photography job that gave you your big break?

Yes I can. I had a job to shoot a set of twins (double the joy and work) the results and the pictures went viral with a lot of mentions on social media and opened doors for so many jobs and publicity.

What are the challenges of being a female photographer in Nigeria?

Like most female professionals who find themselves in a male dominated industry, there is always a tendency for unique gender challenges, but I don’t think I have experienced any major challenge (will like to see some of my male peers handle the babies). So, the major thing I could say would be for greater appreciation for the photography industry by people who should see it as a unique and the only way to treasure the best memories of life.

Photography is seen as a male oriented field, why did you go into it?

In today’s world, there are women in virtually all fields. My entry was for the love of the camera, appreciation of beauty that it replicates and the joy and satisfaction of being able to share joy with clients and literally preserve and freeze those timeless moments through my lenses

How do you handle male admirers on the job?

I handle them with smiles. I am already engaged to my love, so it’s easier.


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