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TOYIN AIMAKHU’s hubby, NIYI JOHNSON rubbishes marriage break-up tale ‘It’s all nonsense’

CONTRARY to social media report, Adeniyi Johnson, Tinsel actor and husband of star actress, Toyin Aimakhu, has refuted parting ways with his lovely wife.  He added that it’s nothing but a mere fabrication ‘to put our credibility on the line.’

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, January 26, 2015, the versatile film maker expressed dismay about the publication.  He advised those sponsoring the rumour to look for a better and profitable venture and stop searching for a home to break.


Toyin and Niyi

“It’s all rubbish. It’s a useless rumour.  There is nothing like break-up in our marriage.  We have not gone our separate ways.  Those peddling that are the ones that have parted ways with their spouses.  It’s a mere fabrication.  We don’t have any issue, so how come they said we have parted ways.  I don’t know how and where they got their story.”

Probed further on what could have informed that kind of weighty rumour, he said, “I believe that’s one of the things you must be ready for as a known figure.  Don’t forget, we’re celebrities and I believe that’s why all sorts of rumours are cropping up about us.  I must tell you the truth, we are not bothered at all.  Let anybody say or write anything.  All I know is that our marriage is intact.”

On the truth about the tale that Aimakhu has moved out of their Lekki, Lagos apartment, he reacted, “I have told you, there is nothing like separation. It’s just the social media peddling unnecessary rumour. Please, you can check details on Instagram.  We have released a statement concerning the rumour.  Thank you, my brother.”

The message reads: “With the heart of appreciation and sincerity we write: There’s no fire without smoke…for every marriage and journey there are moments of storm, that was our stormy and trying times.  The recent event obviously made us know how important our marriage is and that a lot of lives and destiny are attached to ours.  We discovered a lot of destiny and glory hangs on our own…May we not let God and you down…To the bloggers who blogged, we appreciate you. You might think you wrote a news item but it turned out to restore our happiness and home.  So, to all the bloggers, we say a big thank you.  We’ve



learnt our lessons, corrected our mistakes and chose to move on.  This event made us know who our friends and well wishers are.  We are short of words and filled with gratitude, first to our parents, our spiritual parents, adopted parents, friends, colleagues and fans…OMG!!!!  Our fans, you guys are the best…for your calls, text messages, mails, pings, Whatsapp messages, Facebook comments and messages…We love you all…The Bible says, when we pass through fire it won’t burn us and through water it won’t drown us and whenever we pass through storms, it will not overpower us (Isaiah 43:2-3).  May God still all storms in our lives and make everyone happy…Whatever you hear from us henceforth shall be good news…We wish you all the best and love you all…ADENIYI JOHNSON AND TOYIN AIMAKHU JOHNSON”

On Monday, July 8, 2013, Toyin and Adeniyi formalized their union at Ikoyi, Lagos marriage registry.  The event was attended by a couple of family members and friends.

However, the news broke few days back that the 18 month-old relationship had packed up irreconcilably on account of allegations and counter allegations of infidelity. And all efforts to mend the liaison proved abortive.  The story hit the public within and outside the industry as a big surprise on the ground that Johnson and Aimakhu are known to be fond of each other, flaunting their love anywhere especially on social media.  But when contacted, Johnson denied it all.

All efforts to get Aimakhu’s reaction on Monday, January 26, 2015, couldn’t yield the desired results.  When contacted, she only promised to get back to us which she didn’t till we went to press.   We also sent her a text, all to no avail.


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