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Tracked Lexus stolen from London found in Uganda with 27 other cars worth £1 million

A Lexus stolen from London was found in Uganda alongside 27 others worth £1 million. The Lexus had a highly sophisticated monitoring device and detectives were able to use an app on smartphone to trace the 6,000 mile journey of the car from London to Kampala, Uganda.

They were surprised to locate it with high-spec stolen cars (about 27 of them). The smugglers used reprogrammed keys to relocate the cars.

Forensic analysis, tracking technology and expertise allowed officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) to trace the journey to the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

NCA officers notice vehicle smugglers as part of national threat and believe the crash of the operation has put down the lid the criminal syndicate in Uganda.

According to Paul Stanfield, Regional Manager of NCA, said, “They were able to trace the stolen vehicles Lexus by means of an app on smartphone, as it was shipped across the world in a container.”

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