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Traders, NURTW members, artisans react to AMBODE’s victory (2)

Before the Saturday, April 11, 2015 governorship election in Lagos State, some sections of the electorate in the state had vowed not to vote for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on account of the alleged unfairness of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola’s administration to them.

But their threat amounted to nothing as Ambode defeated their preferred candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the keenly contested election.

ENCOMIUM Weekly went round to seek the reactions of some of these aggrieved people, including Keke Marwa and okada riders, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), traders, artisans and more. They all poured out their minds over the victory that shocked them all.


‘LET’S SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN’ – Rilwan, Okada rider

Honestly, most of us did not vote for APC because of what happened and we fear the same thing may happen if they win again. Now that they have won, let’s see what will happen. What I think the new government should do is set up training centres in local governments where we can be trained and then get certificate to operate in that area.

At least, it will stop all these people that learn for two days before they start carrying passengers.



We will give the new governor our support and we will work with him to make things better for us. I want to believe Ambode will not be like Fashola because someone told me he is a grassroots person since he has worked at local government level. Our prayer is we can operate like before without all these daily charges.


‘WE ARE HAPPY HE WON’ – Biodun Adebayo, Keke Napep

We are happy he won, but I will like to appeal to him to allow us operate, though I operate within an estate so all the law does not affect me but my colleagues are there, they have their families to carter for, he should please allow us.


‘HE SHOULD NOT BAN OKADA IN LAGOS STATE’ – Adamu Shittu, Okada rider

I voted for APC despite all we have been through, I like some of Fashola’s achievement. Lagos is better than it was before. I will only want him to allow us continue plying Lagos road, we should be restricted from the express, it has even helped us, it has reduced casualty on the road, he should not ban okada in Lagos state.


‘HE SHOULD NOT BAN OKADA ON THE ROAD’ – Najim Abdulrahim, Okada rider

He should not ban okada on the road. A lot of my colleagues have gone back to the north when they collected their bikes, he should please help us. I am not sure of what to do if he stopped us from using okada.


‘NOTHING MORE MAKES ME HAPPY’ – Ishola Bello, Keke Napep

Nothing more makes me happy. I voted for him and I’m excited that he won. He should continue from where Fashola has stopped and even do better. Lagos is not a place where you can treat it’s people anyhow.


‘I’M HAPPY HE WON’ – Kareem Azeez, Keke Napep

I was very happy when I heard that Ambode won the election. I prayed that he would win and I’m happy about that.

I want him to make adequate provision for the old who do not have any means of survival and also he should not let down the legacy Fashola will leave behind.


‘I PRAY HE RULES US WELL’ – Bassey Etuk, Okada rider

I do not like politics but I am happy for the person who won the governorship race. I‎ pray he rules us well. All Lagosians need is adequate power supply and good roads. I believe if we have this put in place lagos will be a better place.


‘I AM HAPPY AMBODE WON THE ELECTION’ – Femi Bankole, Okada rider

I am happy Ambode won the election, although I would have preferred Jimi Agbaje but God knows best.

Continuity is all we want. Also, he should remember that there are other remote areas that needs to be developed not only Lekki. We have other places in Lagos that can generate more income for Lagos State.


‘HE SHOULD DO RIGHT’ – Mr. Ntekim Ukpong

I don’t have any problem Ambode’s victory but where people will have problem with is when he does not do what is right, he should continue from where his predecessor stop, should give us Keke drivers more roads.



What I want from the next governor of Lagos state is a peaceful and good governance. Instead of stopping okada, he should give us more road and if they should stop okada, I believe they will create another alternative for us.

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