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Unemployed youths reveal their frustrations (2)

There is no doubt that the education sector in Nigeria is productive every year as hundreds of thousands of graduates are churned out. But the unavailability of jobs has continued to give the affected graduates headaches. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with unemployed youths who share their ordeals in the labour market and what they do with their time.


OLUSEYE AZEEZAT, Moshood Abiola Poly, 2014

I studied Mass Communication in MAPOLY and I graduated in 2014. I have not been able to get a good job. I help my elder sisters in the shop pending the time I will go back for HND programmme. My sisters advised me to go for HND in order to get a good offer after graduation and that is when I can actually call myself a graduate.


ZAINAB LASISI, Osun State College of Education

I graduated from Osun State Colege of Education, Ila Orangun in 2013. With my kind of certificate (NCE), you can only get paid well when you are employed by government. Public schools were our targets back then in school, but unfortunately, there was limited space when we graduated and only few were employed. Most of my friends working in private schools are being paid peanuts, that is why I decided to go and learn hairdressing.


AWE OLUBUNMI, Osun State Polytechnic 2012

I studied Business Administration at Osun State Polytechnic and I graduated in 2012. I have not been doing much since I left school and couldn’t get a job. I now sell recharge cards.


OLAYEMI ABIODUN, Lagos State University, 2010

I studied Economics at Lagos State University and graduated in 2010. I served in Benue state and later Lagos state in 2011. I’ve not been able to get a job. Right now, I am planning to start hair accessories business.


SEBIOBA AKEEM, Osun State Polytechnic 2014

I studied Business Administration at Osun State Polytechnic and I graduated in 2014. I was not able to get a good job with my ND certificate. I worked as a factory worker to gather some money in order to go back for my HND. I did the entrance examination last week and I am waiting for the result.


AKINTUNDE SULIAT, Lagos State Polytechnic, 2014

I graduated from Lagos State Polytechnic since 2014. I have been looking for job that I can do so that I can save money to further my education because I want to go to the university to study Medicine.


IBRAHIM KAHDIJAT, Obafemi Awolowo University, 2014

I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2014. I have not been working since, but I am learning makeup artistry. I surely know that all will be well.


TIJANI MUHAMMED, University of Jos

I think the reason I have not been employed is because of the course I studied in school. I studied Christian Religion at the University of Jos but I have been working as a counselor in a private secondary school in Ogun state. I just got the job.


ADEKOLA OLUWATOBI, Obafemi Awolowo University, 2011

I am really upset with everything. Since 2011 that I have graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, I have not gotten a job. I am just riding okada so that I can live. it is only God that can help this county.


ADEBAYO OLUWASEUN, University of Ilorin, 2010

I was a student of University of Ilorin. I graduated in 2010. Since then, I have not gotten a job. I can’t be sleeping at home because my parents are old and I will cater for them. So, I am doing labourer job to survive.


SHADE AFOLAB, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, 2012

I keep myself busy with bead making since I couldn’t get a satisfying job. I graduated from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic 2012. I enrolled for bead making training after I graduated and now I’m doing fine.


JAIYEOBA VICTOR, University of Ilorin, 2014

I graduated two years ago from the University of Ilorin. All I do with my time is to hustle all for myself. My friend and I run a small tutorial class for young secondary school leavers to keep ourselves busy.



I’m into fashion designing since I graduated from the University of Lagos in 2011. I have to keep myself busy, pending the time I will get a good job. I am doing fine as a fashion stylist.


ODUWOLE RASAQ, Ire Polytechnic, 2013

I graduated three years ago from Ire Polytechnic. Since I can’t get a good job, I have decided to join my dad in his work. I am currently working as a plumber.



I graduated from the University of Benin in 2011. I am an entrepreneur. I make insecticide and liquid soap for sale so that I can have a reasonable source of income. That is what I do with my time.


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