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College shuns court order, sacks embattled bursar


THE running impasse between Mr. Olu Ibirogba, bursar of Yaba College of Technology and the Rector, Dr. (Mrs.) Ladipo is yet to come to an end.

While Mr. Ibirogba was jubilating over his victory and reinstatement to the College, he received a sack letter from the institution stating that his services were no longer needed.

However, Mr. Ibirogba is back in the court to challenge this action.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had a short chat with him about this development.


Congratulations on your victory at the court.

Thank you.

We also learnt you have been sacked?

That is the latest development.  Immediately after the court session and as I was leaving the premises, a staff of the College served me a termination letter but I rejected it.  On Thursday, July 2, 2015, my position was advertised in a newspaper.  The following day, a disclaimer was placed in the dailies that I was no longer a staff of Yaba College of Technology.  I still want the Federal Government to investigate Yaba College of Technology, asking the Rector to step aside to facilitate thorough investigation.

Since you didn’t accept the letter, how did you know it was a sack letter?

I read through it and gave it back because the court had already given its own ruling.

On what ground were you sacked?

The letter said my services were no longer required.


ENCOMIUM Weekly placed a call to Mr. Charles Oni, the PRO of the College.  He did not pick our call.  We also sent a text thus, “Good evening, Sir.  Please, I want to find out the following from you.  We learnt Mr. Olu Ibirogba was served a sack letter on July 2, 2015.  Is it true?  Why was he served in the court premises despite the fact that the court ruled in his favour?  Does it mean Yaba Tech had already made up its mind to sack him, irrespective of the court’s ruling?”

Our text was not replied till press time.


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