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Video: Nigerian Air Force bombards Boko Haram terrorists in Sambisa

The Nigerian Airforce has released a declassified footage of its air operations in Sambisa Forest against the Boko Haram Terrorists (BHTs), where they drop bombs on the terrorists’ enclaves.

The objective, according to the Force, is to create the enabling environment that would enable the Surfaces Forces to move-in and flush out the remnant of BHTs from the Sambisa Forest.

According to the accompanying statement, “The NAF, in the past one week since commencement of the operation code-named OPERATION CRACKDOWN, has mobilised more Fighter Ground Attack aircraft, Helicopter Gunships, and Medium Lift Helicopters to give the Operation the push required to flush BHTs from the Forest as heavy bombardment of legitimate targets has continued to create the enabling environment for ground forces to move-in. Over 100 hours have been flown in a series of air operations including Air Interdiction (AI), Close Air Support (CAS), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Logistics Resupply, and Medical/Casualty Evacuation (MEDEVAC/CASEVAC). The NAF is also involved in dropping of leaflets within and around the Sambisa Forest to encourage repentant terrorists to come out and embrace the olive branch offered by the Federal Government.”

Watch video below…

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