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Ways to live a happier life

Often, we need to look for ways to make ourselves happy. Scientific research has proven that there are lots of little tricks that can make us cheerful. According to psychologists, the happiness we cultivate on a daily basis turns into a long term factor in our lives.

Be around people who are constantly happy. Happiness is contagious.

Get some massage, it is important. Massage your calves. When you run, walk or jump, your calves are responsible for such movement. The muscles increases circulation and returns blood to the heart. Research reveal that massaging your calves can lower your blood pressure – pamper them.

Tackle issues right away. That keeps your mind clear and you have  a feeling of being relieved. According to the Journal of Social Psychology, it showed that people who resolve relationship issues right away pave the way for long-lasting happiness.

Listening to upbeat tempo songs will elevate your spirit. A research carried out by the University of Missouri, USA, showed that people who deliberately listened to music with a positive message were much likely to smile than those who listened to any other kind of tunes. So dance, sing and live happily.

Hang out more with friends. Founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research, Michelle Gielan says, “Merely anticipating an upcoming get-together can give your brain the rush of energy it needs to get through a particularly stressful day. It’s called anticipatory savoring.” Have more weekend hangs with friends, you’d feel better.

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