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Ways to overcome stress

Study reveals stress takes five and a half years of your life whether it’s work related or financial. It’s also found that the average adult spends two hours 11 minutes being stressed everyday.

Associate lecturer at the University of West of Scotland, Dr. Margaret Ritchie, says, ‘When our bodies experience stress, especially ongoing stress which the survey highlights, it affects the biochemistry and simply put, causes inflammation that impacts on our immunity resulting in our body being more susceptible to flu and colds as winter settles in.’

When stressed, blood is diverted to our brain, heart, lungs and muscles. Blood pumps also move round the body as the heart beat increases while our breathing level also increases to get oxygen supplies to the muscles as fast as possible.

People who are stressed lose interest in sex. They also have trouble with both falling and staying asleep. Stress makes you snap at every argument and sometimes you could lose your voice due to difficulty in breathing.

According to a leading psychologist, Dr. Megan Arroll, “Stress impacts on our mind and bodies in many ways and manifests itself in a very physical way for many of us.”

Adding that, practicising deep breathing through the diaphragm will trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and bring the body and mind back into balance following stress.

Stress can also be overcome by drinking lots of water and going for a walk. Sometimes you need to delegate task so that the pressure doesn’t become too much on you.

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