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‘We create avenues and opportunities for brands to grow’ – MD Rosabel, Clement Omemu

Clement Omenu is the Managing Director of Rosabel Advertising Limited. He has been in the advertising industry all his life and knows his onion in visual art and graphic analysis and has grown from creative director to brands person that is providing solutions to brands. Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Clement Omemu told us how the company became part and parcel of the brands they are engaged to create opportunities for growth, check how they are doing in the market and follow consumers…


As the managing director of Rosabel, what have you to do with this company?

First, I was not in management, my background is visual art and graphics analysis but I grew up to become a brands person that is 360 person and we provide solutions to brands.

The way I have positioned Rosabel is 360 because there are many channels and windows of brand expressions. We have traditional, media means, we have digital means, we have illustrations, radio, television – many platforms we use to express the brand. For us, we write contents, set brand strategy and design. The media has platforms that would express different forms of entertainment, music, production, photographys, etc and that is the new Rosabel, we are now a single component that can provide everything.

What would your clients or prospective clients expect from you?

We used to wait for briefs when we engaged clients but now we don’t wait for briefs, once you engage us we become part and parcel of the brand. We work, live for the brand. We initiate briefs based on realities that would take their brand to the next level. We create opportunities and avenues for the brand to grow.

We make it happen in Rosabel for all our brands. As we resume we have meetings to check how our brands are doing in the market. We plan seminars for our clients where we bring them together, teach them and show them global practices. When it comes to branding, we carry them along. So, we work on efficiency.

Over three decades and Rosabel is still involved, what is the mindset of the founding fathers?

The founding fathers have realized that history has left them behind and they are not pretending that is why they are not involved. They provide all the support, ours is to follow the consumer, follow the latest trend and they are ok with it. They say if this is how it is go ahead while we sit at the back and watch.

Sometimes they don’t even know what we are talking about, so they know history has left them behind and theirs is to provide support.

How long have you worked with Rosabel?

I have worked here all my life. I joined them as a trainee. I have been here for 18 years and I am the managing director.

Can you tell us some of the challenges you have faced over the years?

Number one problem I have is a brand manager that is not well informed about branding, that doesn’t understand what a client wants. Second issue is people are concerned about what they would get in the business transactions from agency.

No originality, you see some funny adverts in this modern world. People are no longer focusing on how to bring something different. Third is Nigeria’s economy, especially those of us in the service industry, we are having it rough. If you sell ideas and the client doesn’t buy it, you go hungry.

Our economy has been government based, if the government doesn’t function the economy doesn’t run. In other countries whether the government is running or not, the country runs itself. Another one is policies, coming up with policies that don’t encourage indigenous companies to grow.

Has the social media affected the advertising agencies?

No, the social media has even helped, social media is just a channel out of many and that is why I said follow the consumer. If I can plot your movement as a consumer, all I need is to drive these channels around you. If I see you love soap operas, I will be there for you. If you love chatting, I will be there waiting for you. Morning shows, I will be there.

Looking at the relationship between Rosabel and the media, how do you want to take it further?

We want to work with journalists as partners. Nigerian media, especially the traditional ones are still backward in terms of content. Media are partners in progress in terms of technologies and ideas. The relationship is beyond giving us business, it’s now we have the same story to tell; we create a story, project the story and share the story.

If I produce with a certain quality and you produce with lower quality, you will pull me backward. So, we need people who are intelligent. I have spoken with so many journalists and realized that many don’t know what we are talking about. We want to work with them as partners.

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