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‘We want to raise 10 per cent of the money for her’ –   MONDAY UBANI

ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke with human rights activist, Monday Ubani who has been taking Josephine Ugwu around different media houses…


What is the purpose of taking Josephine Ugwu around to different media houses?

The purpose is to exhibit a new Nigeria.  A lot of people see Nigerians as dishonest, 419ne.  And in our midst, we found someone who is trustworthy, honest and has a sense of integrity.

We are raising money for her, we want to raise 10 per cent of the money she returned, which is N1.2 million.

Monday Ubani Foundation is calling on all Nigerians to rise up and donate what they have.  We are also calling on the government to build a house for her, at least a three bedroom flat so that when she wakes up every day, she will remember what she has done.

We want the younger generation to learn from her story too.

How much has raised so far?

We just opened the account.  We will make it public and I promise that I will give a public account of every kobo put into Monday Ubani’s foundation account for Josephine Ugwu.


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