When an entrepreneur puts in the best of his efforts and strategy in business and nothing still works, what is the next step to take? Some of them explain what they do at this critical point…


Atimes, you can experience that as a businessman. You can’t expect the journey to be smooth all the time. But when such happens, you pray over it. Then you discuss with those who may have a better idea to move the business forward.

It has happened to me on few occasions but with prayer and focus, I didn’t fail.



This is one of the toughest moments in my business. When I am faced with such, I pray to the Almighty for strength and wisdom.

I have gone through this experience once.

CHRISTIANAH  OLAYEMI, Destiny Homelinks Caterers


Trust me, every successful entrepreneur has experience it in the early stages of their business. You don’t give up, keep doing what you do and try to fill loopholes and find out how you can improve your skills/business. I have gone through this experience several times.



If everything becomes slow and it seems nothing is working again, I will talk to God first. Then, I will search my mind to know where I got it wrong and make amends.

As a businessman, it has always been ups and downs. I can’t say this is the particular time that it happened to me because it is always part of the experience.



I will just pray to the Almighty Allah. I will also call all the staff for a meeting so we can try and figure out what is going wrong and we will attack it with all our strength.

A lot of times. I can’t remember the figures specifically. All I always do is just to put God first and He always leads me.



First, I will pray to the Almighty God, the one who knows what is hidden. After this, I will leave the business for a while to restrategize and do some research.

I can remember just twice. When it happened, I just increased the quality of my product.



When it appears nothing works, I just call my team and take a fresh look at our business plan.

It has happened several times. But we can’t but keep moving on.

CHIMEZIE WAYNE BROWN, Urban Estate Platinum


I cool down and pray then be refocused. Often times when you are in business, things definitely go wrong, you just have to find a way round it.

I can’t say precisely how many times I have gone through this process.



I will pause, think and ask questions. Then change my approach, most important, pray to God for direction then I will move.  I can’t say for sure, but it happens once a while.



The responsibility of an entrepreneur is risks taking. It’s full of ups and downs. It’s a natural phenomenon that you are faced with ups and downs, but as a profit oriented entrepreneur when business is not meeting up to expectation, you do three things: Check the records, detect the fault and fill in the loopholes.

These steps are more than just three. It entails careful investigation which might require research. In detecting the fault, it also requires a more sensitive approach to ensure that the wrong steps are not taken. Solving the problem is most tasking as you need to know your market well.

It is normal for a business to experience ups and downs. I have experienced it a number of times due to the fact that our organization is a middle class one.



When everything seems to be going the wrong direction as an entrepreneur who has faith in God should seek His face and also pray for guidance/direction from Him. After seeking God’s face, it’s also important to check out little mistakes that might be affecting the organization and also do things to improve the organization or business.

It is normal to go through hard times in any business. Therefore, I have had many hard times. The most important thing is I was able to come out of it.

BUKKY ATOLAGBE Buklyne Makeovers

I always simmer down and retrace my steps. Then, I pray to God for direction.

I have gone through this experience twice.

TOBI AJANLEKOKO, Sprinkles and Cocktails 


I just restrategize after praying and evaluating the situation. Not always, but even if it happens, I don’t quit. I simply move on.



We will never get to that place by God’s grace. Part of this prevention is if something goes wrong, we go back to the drawing board and re-strategize, ask questions, look inwards.

I’ve never experience this. The only thing I’ve experienced is maybe during a project, funding is not enough, people are late, etc. The fact is that calmness is the key, you have to remember to think out a plan, a way out, plan B. This has helped me and at the end of the day, when people commend you, they have no idea of what happened behind the scene.

IFEOMA OMA AREH, WildFlower PR & Coy


Usually, I’d turn to God for direction, because He is the Master, the only one. Then, look inward to see where I got it wrong, with this, I’ll surely find a way out. I try to be proactive in my approach to business so I have not experienced anything massive.

I don’t have a lot of experience, but all I will say is that God has been good to me in my business.

OLANIKE FAGBULE, Zebra Stripes Networks





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