What friends said about late publisher Dada Eriye (1) -I would miss a listening ear of a friend and brother’ -Mike Osagie

What would you miss about him?

In truth, I will miss the listening ear of a friend who is like a brother, he was good at advice, he did not call a spade by marine’s name, meaning he said the truth to you even when it hurts.

Your last moment together?

We did not see throughout January until his death. Our last meeting was before Christmas after one of his business trip with his cousin. There was a shirt I gave him long ago, and he called me to bring two from my cousin who sells Italian tops, I was amazed, he paid on the spot two times of the prize, that was very rare. He said he just wanted to make me happy for Christmas.

How will you describe your friendship?

He was a very straightforward man. A man who was once a heavy socialite but totally turned around and until his death we called him man of God, Prince Pastor Dada.

How would you describe his personality?

He was lively, full of jokes’ no dull moment and very hard-working because he loved his job with a passion.

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