What friends said about late publisher Dada Eriye -‘He cannot be easily forgotten’ -Tunde Moshood

_DSC0363What would you miss about him?

I would miss so many things about him. He was my boss at Fame magazine and I learnt so many things from him. He was one of the persons I understudied and had a way with captions and ideas for soft-sell. I would miss him because he was one of the members of the League of Softsell Publishers and always leading us in prayer. He was very jovial.

Your last moment together?

We had a meeting two weeks before he passed on. He came late and we all shouted and made a joke out of it. There was something topical that we discussed and we all expected he would do something for us but he did not. After the meeting, we started gisting and brainstorming about what to do in this forthcoming elections and more.

How would you describe your friendship?

We were close friends but He is not someone that could be easily forgotten.

How would you describe his personality?

He was one of the best writers we have, he was intelligent, creative and always ready to take up challenges.

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