What will happen on March 1 in the Matharoos’ case?

The cyber bullying and extortion case against the Kardashian look-alike sisters will move to the High Court in Lagos from Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Now before Mr. A.O Ojo of Yaba Magistrate court, the case comes up again that March 1, and it will be mentioned.

If Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo show up, their plea will be taken after the charges are read to them. If they plead not guilty, the next stage is their bail application.

The bail will be decided and the case transferred to the High Court. They are either remanded in prison custody (because they jumped bail before) or admitted to bail at the discretion of the magistrate who sets the conditions.

When they get to the High Court, at the agreed adjourned date which could be in May, another plea is taken. If they plead not guilty, a decision will again be made whether they should be remanded or admitted to bail.

When the case proper starts, it will last many months…

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