On Saturday, May 9, 2015, the families of late Mr. and Mrs. John Bamgbose and High Chief and Chief (Mrs.) Oluwole Falaiye were united in marriage as their daughter, Barrister Maria Oluwatoyin and son, Engineer Samson Olufemi tied the nuptial knots.  The event held at K and G Event Centre, Oregun, Lagos, and it was very colourful and classy.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the newest and elated couple and they revealed their love story and much more…


DSC_0977‘My wife is a perfect match’ – SAMSON OLUFEMI, Groom

How does it feel getting married today?

It feels so good. I am super excited.  I don’t even think I have enough words to express today’s joy.  I give glory to God that today is no longer a dream but a reality.

What are the qualities that endeared Toyin to your heart?

First, she is very industrious.  She is gentle and supportive.  And she has a good heart.  Toyin is teachable, loving and caring.

How and when did it all start?

The love story started on February 20, 2014.  It’s in the month of love and I actually met her through my younger brother.  Since then, the relationship has been blissful.  We thank God for everything.

How would you describe your wife in a simple sentence?

In a simple sentence, she is a real perfect match for me.

How many kids do you intend having?

We’re looking at having three children for a start.  Then, if we have more, fine.

Do you have any special gift for her today?

That’s kind of private (laughs).

How would you describe her parents and family as a whole?

They are all warm and understanding.  They are very welcoming.

Yes, they have accepted me as their son.  Anytime you call on them, they respond positively irrespective of where and when.  They always see me as part of them.  They’re all wonderful people.


DSC_0882‘He is a God fearing man’ – BARR. MARIA OLUWATOYIN, Bride

How would you describe today in your life?

Today is the most beautiful day in my life.  To God be the glory because we’re surprised beyond expectation in spite of all the challenges, drama before the event.  Today, everything just fell in place. I am so happy.

How would you describe your husband?

He’s a God fearing man and not just a cliché.  He is God fearing in the true sense of it.  He is passionate about everything that has to do with God.  He is caring and mature.  He’s just a wonderful friend and partner. He’s very supportive in all aspects of my life.

Your husband said the love journey started in February last year, how would you describe the journey since then till today when it’s sealed?

Yes, we actually started since February 2014, and the relationship is just barely a year.  It started on a very positive note. I prayed and fasted.  I just wanted to be sure truly he’s my man.  And to God be the glory, it has been a smooth journey.  I think it’s because of the fact that he has God, that has made the whole thing easier for both of us.  Also because of his maturity, and every other quality of his, the relationship has been so wonderful.

How did you feel the day he proposed to you?

It was beautiful!

Where did that take place?

Funny enough, it was in my house. He visited me, and I had to travel.  So, I left him at home.  And before I got back, the house was decorated, teddy bear, a letter, ring, petals everywhere.  It was a very romantic proposal, I must say.

What are the qualities of his that gave you a resounding confidence that yes, this is the man you’re made for?

Like I said, that passionate love for God and of course, his maturity.  Third, my husband is just a very simple person.  He is not complicated at all, very straight forward.  He advises me a lot.  He’s very outstanding in all ramifications.  He accepts me the way I am.  He’s very helpful and don’t be surprised, my husband is also a very good cook.  So wonderful a man!

Is he also a lawyer just as like you?

No, he is a civil engineer.  He is also into solar energy installation.

Does he also live in Abuja?

No, but he has relocated to Abuja all because of love.

How are you to his family now?

I am one of their daughters and they have accepted me so.  There has been a beautiful relationship between me and his parents, especially.  My parents are late but in his parents I have found my father and mother.  His father is like another father for me so also his mother.  They are very warm, and they have since accepted me as their daughter.



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