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When you are invited by EFCC, you are in hot soup – Magu

Ibrahim Magu, chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, stated today on a television programme that the agency carries out thorough investigations, gathers facts for months, before accused persons are invited. And anyone invited definitely would find it extremely difficult to come out clean.

The gentleman, on Channels TV’s Question Time, lamented that the United Kingdom is the headquarters of warehoused stolen funds from Nigeria.

Here are excerpts from the interview, courtesy of Channels TV and…

“We don’t chase innocent people; we investigate people before we arrest them. We follow the money, we trace when you received the money, and we also investigate how you utilized the money.

“That’s why anybody that is invited here will not come out clean, because we do our homework before we invite you. We may investigate for a year or six months and the person would not know.

“There is no sacred cow, we will go after anybody who has stolen the resources of the people. We have no reservations.

“We fight corruption both within and outside. We don’t go after innocent people for political reasons, we are going after the thieves of state resources.

“London is the capital of money laundering; it is where all the stolen money is hidden. It has given a haven to all the corrupt persons and stolen money from all states of the world.

“In fact, it is the headquarters of money laundering. Most of the stolen money are hidden either by properties or in banks or as physical cash.”




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