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Whistle blower method working, Nigerians applaud

Just a few days after N449 million was discovered at a Bureau De Change  in Lagos, reportedly on account of a tip-off from a whistle blower, the Economic and Financial  Crimes Commission (EFCC) has also been led to another cash haul in the popular Balogun market where huge cash in foreign currencies has also been discovered.

Just yesterday, over N15 billion in different currencies were retrieved from a flat in Ikoyi.

This, however, has been attracting a lot of positive comments by Nigerians since the shocking discovery.

A few Nigerians talked to on the development lauded the Federal Government, calling on the public to support the initiative if only to ensure corruption becomes history in Nigeria.


‘I think the method is yielding the desired results’ – ABIDEMI SANUSI

“Yes, I think the method is yielding the desired results. As we all know, recently, about N400m was recovered at a Bureau De Change office, and less than 72 hours after that, another millions of naira was discovered at Balogun market. All of these are illegal money hidden by some ill-fated and corrupt Nigerians. If not the whistle blower method, no one would have known there’s any money in those areas. Left to me, I think the method should be encouraged and those found guilty should be dealt with sincerely.”


‘The method is really working’ – ISAAC OBIOHA

“I am not against the whistle blower method of loot recovery. And with what we have seen in the last few days, I think we all should embrace it. I believe we’re moving forward, and we will surely get there one day.”


‘We’re moving forward now’ – JOHN ODIGIE

“Nigerians need to commend the initiative. But all I need to ask from the Federal Government is sincerity of purpose. Honestly, we’re moving forward. But what we can’t say now is whether the whistle blowers are being taken care of accordingly. To me, we’re moving forward. That’s another sure way of winning anti-corruption war. You can imagine the huge amount found hidden in Balogun market. That’s incredible!”







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