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Why abstaining from sex is injurious to life

Once you are matured and married, you are better off having regular sex, if you want to live long and enjoy old age.
Abstaining from sex leaves you weak and susceptible to all manners of diseases.

Here are the effects of not having regular sex from several studies as compiled by ENCOMIUM Weekly:

1. You are likely to develop depression.
Once you have tasted sex and you stop, episodes of depression will escalate, and may lead to other serious issues.

2. Erectile dysfunction is likely.
As you get used to not having sex, you are most likely to develop erection issues.
For women, you don’t get wet easily.

3. Immunity collapses.
You are more vulnerable to sickness as your body’s defence mechanisms collapse from non-usage.

4. Your libido drops.
Your don’t get aroused easily as your need for sex disappears. You lose interest in sex eventually.

5. You are more stressed.
The feel-good chemicals injected by your organs when you have sex are not in use, as you become more stressed and cranky, irritable and dull.

6. You suffer more cardiovascular issues.
Sex is exercise, and not engaging in it frequently affects your heart.

7. You won’t be as smart.
As sex boosts neurons which affect cognitive abilities.

With myriad health issues, those who abstain from sex in a monogamous relationship are prone to die young…



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