‘Why Dengeme is a success’ -STUNNAH GEE

Stunnah Gee whose real names are Omolafe Olajidevis the talented singer of the hit single Dengeme. In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the amiable artiste shared his story with us…
Why the interest in music?
I was born in the church.  I am a pastor’s child. I have been singing since I was 10. Although it wasn’t easy when I decided to pursue my career musically because my parents believed my style of music contradicts their religious system. It wasn’t easy but its better now. I decided to pursue it as a career since it was something I derived pleasure in. That’s how I was able to overcome their pressure. They came to a realisation that it’s something I love to do best.
Tell us what your hit song is about?
Dengere was produced by PSQ. It’s a social song dedicated to legends of Afrobeats. It’s hardcore Afrobeats which says if you have it flaunt it. It has moral value.
What actually inspired it?
I am a spontaneous artiste.  That’s how it came about. I am easily inspired by things around me. That’s why I can’t mime other people’s song.  It flows naturally.
How will you define your style of music?
I am quite deep. I can go from the physical to the other realm. I am an all rounder.
To every glory is a story to tell, what’s your greatest challenge?
I thank God for the growth so far.  There were hurdles but I don’t dwell on bad experiences. It was difficult , but it’s well now.
What’s the secret of your success?
It’s my ability to be level headed. I didn’t allow the glamour of fame to make me shift focus. And I don’t rush. That’s why my song is the song to beat.
What’s your unique selling point?
It’s my style. I am more of a musician than an artiste.
How do you cope with women?
For now music is my woman. I concentrate on my career and have no time for such frivolities.


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