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‘Why I am the highest paid club DJ in Lagos’ – DJ Prince

ADEWALE Akinsemoyin, popularly known as DJ Prince, is currently the highest paid club DJ in Lagos. He has played in many clubs but is presently the resident DJ at Club 57 and G12 Beach Bar, Oniru Beach, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him and he told us all about how the journey started and why he is where he is today as a DJ.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I go by the name DJ Prince.  My real name is Akinsemoyin Adewale.  People call me Seaside’s finest.  I am the resident DJ for Club 57 and G12 Bar.

How did DJ start for you?

Basically, I’m someone who loves music a lot.  I had some friends who were training to be DJs, I followed them and I got to learn from them, since then it’s been good.

When was that?

That was in 2001.

What does it take to be a good DJ?

Basically, you need to have passion for it.  Being a DJ is much more than just playing all the songs you have on our laptop.  You need to be able to study your crowd, you need to know what music to drop and when to drop it for people to respond.

What stands you out as a DJ?

I think the ability to read my crowd and keep them dancing for a long time. I can DJ for 10 hours and people will keep dancing.

What’s the longest time you’ve done this?

I think like eight to 10 hours.

What do you think of DJ business at the moment?

I think people are getting to appreciate DJs more and that’s good.  DJs are getting endorsements now, unlike before DJs were in the background but people know us well now.

It has become a trend for DJs to veer into music, are you following the trend soon?

I actually have a couple of songs right now, and very soon I’m dropping a song with Burna Boy.  People should look out for it.

Being the highest paid club DJ in Lagos, what’s the secret of your success?

First, you need to have passion for whatever you’re doing.  I didn’t make myself the best paid club DJ in Lagos, people did. They appreciate what I do and that’s the secret behind it. You have to make people like what you do, and make them see the good thing in you.

How did the journey into becoming a DJ begin?

The main thing is doing what you like best, doing what you know you are good at.  When I started, I thought it was a joke, because I never imagined that DJing would be what would pay my bills. It started as something I wanted to do for the fun of it, because I was focusing on school. After secondary school, I learnt it so as not to be idle and people always praised and encouraged me to keep it up and I paid attention to what people were saying and improved myself.

I can’t specifically state the reason why I am where I am today, but I know I was following my heart and doing what I was good at and that is what got me to where I am and of course, God’s grace.

Who are those that inspired you in the DJ industry?

First, Mix Master Tee, that’s DJ Tade and DJ Jimmy Jatt.  I actually learnt the professional touches from DJ Tade.  I was like his boy when he used to DJ at K’s Place. I always carried his bag and watch things I could learn from him.

Back in the days, DJing wasn’t seen as a proper profession, what’s the acceptance rate like?

The perception about DJing has changed enormously.  Before, you could not tell your parents that you wished to be a DJ, they would be like of all jobs in the world you want to be DJ.  When you see people like DJ Exclusive, DJ Jimmy Jatt and DJ Cuppy, who is the daughter of a billionaire, it makes it easy to embrace the profession.  People like that have changed the wrong perception people have about DJs, the acceptance is great now.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you have been?

I am born to be a DJ, but if I wasn’t a DJ, I would be a banker because I love counting money (laughs).

When there is a new hit song, how do you find out?

I do a lot of research and I download songs online.  I have a room at home where I set up my equipment. When I download songs, I go there and try the new songs, blend them and see how I can play them.  So, when I get to the club, I have no problem mixing them.


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