‘Why I debuted in Saidi Balogun’s You and I’ -Adunni Adewale

Beautiful actress Adunni Adewale has proved that she knows her onions. The fair skinned actress, who debuted her acting prowess in Saidi Balogun’s movie, You or I had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on her life and career…

1234225_1448521225372215_309695533_nHow did your journey into acting start?

My interest for acting came a long time ago. I never wanted anything else but to be an entertainer.

Which was the first movie you featured in?

I started my acting career with my skits before featuring in Saidi Balogun’s You or I.

How long have you been into acting and what is the experience like?

Professionally, a year plus. The experience has been good. Just like every profession, it has its ups and downs but so far so good, it is worth it.

How many movies have you featured in?

I have featured in 11 movies.

You featured in Saidi Balogun’s movie, You or I. How did you get the script?

I got a role in Saidi Balogun’s You or I through my skits. The character he was looking for fitted my person and it all started from there.

Adunni Ade

Adunni Ade

How was the experience working with him?

Saidi Balogun is a great man. In one word to describe him, he is very professional.

Tell us your family background, growing up?

I am the first and only child from my parents but I have younger separately from my parents. Growing up was fun. I had a normal childhood.

How were you able to blend into the Nigerian entertainment industry?

I blend well, I see myself just like everyone else. I tend to forget I’m sort of different in my appearance and all but when working, I get my job done and keep it moving.

What are some of the challenges you are facing ‎in the industry?

No major challenge, I am all about my work and how to better myself.

You are mixed, how are you able to speak Yoruba fluently?

I learnt Yoruba just like you did. I’m part Nigerian, it sure would have been a big shame if my father did not expose me to my Nigerian roots and a bigger disgrace if I took no interest in it.

It seems you are friends with a lot of artistes, they feature you in most of their music videos or are you Adunnipaid for guest appearance?

I am a friendly person which does not limit it to those in the industry alone. Here is the thing, people in general including myself like good things and love having the best of the best. I don’t work for free.  Anything my face is involved in, I collect my fee, friendly or not.

How financially rewarding is your career?

I am financially stable where I am today. it is a little rewarding to an extent but with more hard work put in, more reward will come.

Is Adunni married or in a relationship?

I am an open book, whatever it is I am in, it is known by me.

It is alleged that you have children, is it true?

Like I said, any major true information put out there will only come from one source, me.


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