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‘Why I dedicated Delta to my mom’ – TAIWO OLOWU speaks on his latest track

TAIWO Olowu, also known as LT, is the son of popular actress, Henrietta Kosoko.  He is set to take his music to the next level.  He has some songs to his credit, Se jeje and Mango tree, ruling the airwaves.  He is gradually rising to become the toast of party lovers.

He is working on a song entitled, Delta.  The song was dedicated to his mom who just survived an auto crash.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him on his foray into music and sundry issues.


Who is Olowu Taiwo?

Olowu Taiwo is a music artiste, musician and a choreographer.  I am from a family of four. I am a twin and I love music.

When did you discover you could sing?

I love music, I have loved it since I was young.  Let us say when I was five.  I have an uncle who used to dance to Michael Jackson’s music and his style.  At seven, I started listening to Michael Jackson’s songs.  I wrote my first song at nine but I made up my mind to go fully into music when I was 13.  My mom was in the choir then, my uncle was also in the choir.  They were sources of encouragement for me back then.

So far, how many songs have you recorded?

My first song was recorded in 2009.  It is entitled, Je ka fo. It is an R n’ B song.  In 2011, I dropped another song, Be there.  In 2013, I did Se jeje.  That was when I started music professionally.  I have a lot of songs written down that we have not yet produced.  In 2014, I released another single, Under the Mango tree.

How will you describe the experience so far?

It has been fun.  Having the opportunity to do what you love is fulfilling.  A lot of people have dreams but they didn’t achieve them, some achieved their dreams but they didn’t last long.  I am having fun while achieving my dream.  I love singing and dancing.  They are my heart beat.

When did you learn to dance?

My mom is a very good dancer.  I started dancing from age four.  Apart from my mom, Michael Jackson had a lot of influence on me.  I used to dance at parties and I am always the best. I used to dance in the rain as well.

As a professional dancer, have you featured in any music video?

There are some dancers that do videos, while some people just like to express themselves. I dance for the love of it. I don’t really do videos, though I have a couple of videos I featured in as a dancer.  One is Ko mole, I had some crazy moves in that video.

How will you describe the reception for Se jeje?

I thank God it has been positive.  The more people listen to the song, the more my fan base builds.  When they see me perform, the more they call us to perform at their events. I am glad that everybody loves the song.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my environment.  I get inspired by my family, country and the circumstance I find myself at that particular moment.  My mom, my twin brother and big aunty have been a lot of inspiration.

Will you say being Henrietta Kosoko’s son is a plus to your career?

Yes, it has.  It has helped me get shows.  It’s not cheap to be a celebrity’s son and getting to an event without delivering.  What comes to people’s mind when they see my mom is, have you seen your son?  The guy is good.  People show love anytime I tell them I am Henrietta Kosoko’s son.  They always show me love.

Can you tell us some of the shows you have performed?

I have performed at Time out with Tee A, Ali Baba’s show, Koffi’s show. I am glad that every time I perform in any show, they’re impressed and invite us for another show. I have done more than 10 shows.  I thank God for the experience.

Can you tell us what we should expect from you soon?

I am coming with some things that have not been seen before.  My fans should watch out.  I will be working with the likes of Banky W, Little Kesh, Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage.  I love their music.  I also have a song in Urhobo, it is dedicated to my mom.  She just survived an auto crash, she has been a great inspiration to me.  She is the only one I have, I don’t know where I would be if I had lost her. I am not sure I will be singing by now.  So, I am dedicating the song to her.  It is entitled, Delta.  It is a danceable song.

There are a lot of artistes out there, how do you think you can beat the competition?

I will be coming up with new stuff every time.  I want to produce new tunes all the time.  I respect Burna Boy a lot because of that. I am coming up with some versatility. I also believe in buying songs.  There are a lot of good song writers out there.  At least, I know one or two people it has helped.  It helped Michael Jackson and James Brown.  It is helping Beyonce.  It doesn’t reduce you in any form.  My fans should expect something new every time.  I am doing music for my fans out there.  Buying songs helps you get a hit.

Who are your role models in the industry?

I will still choose Michael Jackson.  I like a couple of artistes like Cobhams, Banky W, etc.



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