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‘Why I launched a new brand’-Tessy Oliseh-Amaize

Tessy Oliseh-Amaize, the talented woman behind Tesslo Concept is sure enjoying marital bliss. Despite the fact that she is married, she has a lot up her sleeve, she just launched a ready to wear collection. She is also coordinating African Fashion Week, Dubai.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her on her new brand and marriage.

We learnt you have started a new ready to wear collection from Tesslo?

Yes, I have. I am sure you saw that on twitter.

Tell us about it, what inspired it, what it is it all about?

It is a new collection of attires ranging from smart casuals to traditional and corporate wears. It was inspired by the need to feed the increasing demand from a target market of young professionals; the upwardly mobile who are always on the go. I felt the need to create something for them, something they can order and get delivered within 48 hours.

How is the reception?

The reception has been amazing. The orders are pouring in on a daily basis and I am even considering getting new hands on board to meet up with the huge demand. Thanks to my husband, Mr. Fix Nigeria who has been the face of the brand. He is such an awesome spokesperson and I have jokingly asked him to leave politics and consider a full time career modeling for Tesslo.

Now that you have relocated to Abuja what has been happening to Tesslo Lagos?

Tesslo in Lagos is still very much alive. I left behind a structure that takes care of my already established network of clients in Lagos.

Will you say relocating to Abuja has affected your business, client base in any way?

It has affected my business positively because it has opened new doors and created room for expansion. Relocating to Abuja has kept me very busy and my hands are full already. As I speak, I am coordinating the maiden African Fashion Week, Dubai which will feature African designers from South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt and other countries of Africa. It will be an opportunity to export the rich cultural heritage of Africa to the Middle East. So, being in Abuja has been fun for me business wise.

How do you handle clients who insist on getting your expertise in Lagos?

Like I said, there is an existing structure on ground in Lagos that takes care of such demands.

How is marriage treating you?

Marriage is something like no other. I don’t even know what to compare it with because it is a beautiful new experience. I wake up every morning feeling different!

What is the best thing about being married?

The best thing about being married  is knowing that you are not alone. On a daily basis, you wake up knowing you have your life locked into someone who loves you; a life partner who takes responsibility for you and you take responsibly for him as well. Money can’t buy that feeling.

When are you starting a family?

Families already started. My husband is my first family. God willing, the kids will join the family soon.



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