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‘Why I will eternally be grateful to Dagrin’ – Music producer, SOSSICK

ESOSA Douglas Osemwengie, a.k.a Sossick, is the winner of the Music Producer of the Year at The Future Awards 2011.  The young man who attained prominence for producing Gino’s hit, No be God, later moved on to work on other popular numbers like Julie for Shank and Pon Pon Pon for Dagrin.  He spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, January 30, 2011, at Landmark Event Centre, Oniru Estate, Lekki, Lagos.


What differentiates you from other producers?

The fact that I chose to be different in my production, my approach to writing, my lifestyle, music and everything I do.  I am not a bandwagon person and that is where the name Sossick came from.  Sossick is abnormal.  That is what propelled me to my reputation and that is what stands me out among other producers.

Why then did you choose to be called Sossick knowing that it’s abnormal?

I just want to be different.  When people say someone is sick, it means the person is not well or behaving in the wrong way. So, I decided to use that name because producing a normal sound or doing a normal music is more or less out of fashion.  So, people would say yes, this one is doing something different from what others are doing.  That was my guide into producing and I’m a very sensitive producer.  At a point, I got sick of a whole lot of stuff, mostly social issues.  I got sick of power supply, I got sick of transportation, of healthcare and a whole lot of stuff and I put all these in my music so that those who pretend not to know about these absurdities will understand our pains.

Da-grinAnytime you are given an award, you dedicate it to late Dagrin, why?

Late Dagrin gave me the platform on which I’m enjoying today.  He made sure I was heard and known.  Nobody and no artist believed in me as much as he did.  Without him, I probably won’t be here enjoying today.  He was my hero and the reason for all the awards I have received, most especially the much talked about Pon Pon Pon, which I did for him and for the production of Gino’s hit, No be God.

So, what are you doing currently?

I am launching a record label now, it’s called Classic Tunes and we are picking up our own artists.  We have three already.  We have Mahindah, Tunde and Sossick.  Also I’m working in conjunction with New World Entertainment for my pet project, a.k.a My Album.  Some prominent artists are solidly behind me.  So, these are the things I’m currently working on.

What are the challenges so far?

Initially, it was not easy at all. It seemed as if there would be no way for me, but I believed in God, in my passion to make dead bones rise again.  My kind of music, as you know, is mainly for the oppressed.  So, we have to work extra hard to make things work out well.

So, what does it take to be a good music producer?

Consistency, hard work and the thirst for excellence and a very good understanding of music.  You don’t have to be the best instrumentalist to become a good music producer.

How do you intend to dust other established music producers like Don Jazzy, ID Cabasa, J. Martins and co?

I’m bold, I’m not afraid of experimenting, I am very experimental.  I do what an ordinary man would be afraid to do. I was given the award for the Music Producer of the Year 2011.  I competed with the likes of J. Martins, Tee Y Mix, J Sleek, Dokta Frabz and DJ Klem and I was adjudged the best.  I am like a pioneering experimentalist, I do what others wouldn’t do.  I dare go where others wouldn’t go in music. One thing I know and I can guarantee is good music. I’ve been in the fold for sometime and I’m not in a hurry to leave.

How do you handle fame?

It’s God.  It’s very easy to lose it.  Humility is the key to sustaining fame.  For you to handle fame properly, you have to be humble and allow God into all you do.

Are you in any relationship for now?

Uncode yes, and uncoded uncode.

Can you shed more light on that?

That is all the lies about being code and uncoded.  Let us just keep it like that.

What advice do you have for other young music producers?

They should not be copycats, they should not restrict themselves within the box, but try to work outside the box. Don’t follow the rules, break the rules.  If it sounds good, it’s good, just like mine.  You don’t have to be a Ph.D holder to be the best in the world.  Do what you have to do, get to where you want to get to and you would be on the path to greatness.

What were those things you failed to achieve in 2010 that you are planning to achieve in 2011?

Establishing my record label, Classic Tunes, with artists and creating a new world of very good music so that I can get the recognition that I deserve.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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