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Why regular sex is good for your well being (Part 1)

Thinking of a long healthy life? All you need may just be an ‘active’ sex life!
Find out more here as Encomium.ng shares with you 5 of many reasons why regular sex is good for your well being :
 1. Minimizes Risk of Heart Attack
One of the easiest ways to maintain a well-functioning heart is having a good sex life. Research has confirmed that sex helps to raise heart rate, keep estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.

Men who have sex at least twice a week are half as likely to die of heart disease as opposed to men who rarely do.
2. Decrease or Completely Remove Pains
Most times, it is not pleasing to swallow pills for every little pain felt in the body. You agree, right? Having sex could be the best alternative to a dose of aspirin, paracetemol, herbs or any other substance. It has been confirmed that orgasm can block pain; even without orgasm, just stimulation can also do the trick. Vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain, and many women affirmed that stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and in some cases even headache
3. Reduces the chance on contracting Prostate cancer
The more a man goes for the gusto, the higher his chances to keep off prostate cancer; American Medical Association confirms that men who ejaculated frequently (at least 21 times a month) are less likely to get prostate cancer
4. Sex Induces Sleep
Having insomnia? Having a hard time getting some sound sleep? Try sex!
After sexual intercourse, the hormone ‘prolactin’ is released, which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness There are chances that you may find yourself nodding off more quickly after sex.
5. Eases Stress
Perhaps, you’ve been wondering how best to take care of the stress and anxiety that comes with each day. Sex could be the remedy you need, touching and hugging can release your body’s natural “feel-good hormone.” Sex is not only a prescription for a healthy life, but also for a happy one, regular sex and intimacy with one’s partner boosts self-esteem and happiness
This is not all, in fact, it is only some of the many reasons why regular sex is good for your well being?


– Seyifunmi Adebote for encomium.ng 

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