Why we are not complying with Daddy Adeboye’s 100 days fasting programme

Cross-section of RCCG members

There are mixed reactions about the ongoing 100 days fasting and prayers embarked upon by members of the Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye led The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s investigation revealed that majority of the congregation in general and some of the pastors did not follow the directive of the revered clergy widely called Daddy G. O. We learnt this is not unconnected with several reasons such as health issues, nature of work, amongst others.

Investigations by ENCOMIUM Weekly revealed that most people did not comply with the directive that they should break the fast 6pm daily.

According to Pastor Joshua, “I would have loved to follow the directives to the letter but the nature of my job is affecting me. Aside my pastoral assignment, I work in a company which is very demanding. And I can’t tell my boss that I couldn’t cope well because I’m fasting. Thus, what I do is that I break most times at 12 noon or sometimes at 3pm. Immediately the directives were given I knew I couldn’t cope with the long stretch of the fast”

A pastor at Sango Ota, Pastor Damola claimed he has not been able to adhere strictly to the fasting programme due to his health issue.” I followed through in the first month but recently I was down with fever and was on medication. That’s what affected me”

Another member, Funmi Oyekunle said she is a teacher and that she couldn’t cope with the stress of the fast. This is not unconnected to the fact that combining teaching with motherhood is something else.” I have never tried it before and can’t cope with it. However, I would have loved to follow through”

In her words, a female minister, Mrs. Ojo said, “I have been faithful in fasting for 40 days out of the 66 days we have gotten to so far. I really wish I could comply. Though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. I’m human and the nature of my work is also tasking”

Another member cried out, “It’s not easy. I just can’t cope with the long fast. I am an ulcer patient. What I do is that I often break by 12pm. My faith has not reached Papa’s level”.

Pastor Adeboye gave his congregation a divine mandate that they would all go into 100 days fasting and prayers. The official programme made available to ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, March 7, states that:

The fasting begins on January 2, 2014, to end on April 11, 2014.

You will break your fast daily at 6.00 p.m every day.

If you omit one day, for every day you miss, you must supplement it with two days.

If you are able to do 7 days continuously without breaking in the evening, it will be credited to you as if it were 14 days of single.

If you are able to do 21 days continuously without breaking in the evening, it will be credited to you as if it were 63 days of single.

If you are able to do 30 days continuously without breaking in the evening, it will be credited to you as if it were 100 days of single.


1. Newly-wed couples (We are going into a warfare and Bible says in the time of war newlywed are to be exempted)

2. Over 70 years old (They can only pray the prayer points)

3. Can you drink water daily before breaking fast. Yes, you can, provided you don’t add anything to that water.

4. For those in temperate (cold) countries, if you want to drink hot/warm tea because of the cold, before breaking-time, it is permitted provided you don’t add biscuit to it.

Why are we fasting for 100 days:

The Almighty God said, the destinies of many people would be determined this year. There will be dramatic changes in the destinies of people this year. It is a very, very powerful year indeed, and we want to get the most out of it.




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